i7 3930k

  1. sdggdfghf

    Rog Rampage 4 - i7 3930k - GTX1080

    Good morning, I need help. How configuration is compatible with hackintosh? I'm going crazy, it gives me this error every time. I followed thousands of bios guides. thanks for any reply. OSX Majave.
  2. BenBal

    Please check my PC config !

    Hello, First time on this forum, thanks for sharing all those stuffs ! I was wondering if i can try to install Sierra on my PC : Intel Core i7 3930K ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P9X79 32Go 4x8 GO Corsair PC3-12800J 800 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 I'm not sure about the series that...
  3. ukon1990

    Unable to get into install screen el capitan

    Hi! So I am having some trouble installing El Capitan on my computer. The only version of Unibeast I have been able to get to work on my computer is version 5.1.0 for some reason. With Yosemite. No problem what so ever. However if I try to install Yosemite (Getting ot El capitan soon) with any...
  4. Faul

    Asus RAMPAGE 4 formula i7 3930k - After install problems.

    Hello everyone. Im new in this fantastic forum and a cuple of days ago i tried myself installing Osx Yosemite. I used a useless "test" harddrive and following Shilosh guide i install it sucessfully. Now i'm in trouble: Firts at all now after turn off my pc i cant access anymore to osx becose...
  5. bru3

    Gigabyte X79-UD5 - i7 3930K - CPU Power Management - Yosemite - Success!

    After hours of tying different methods I've finally managed to enable the CPU Power Management. Just for those with a similar configuration here a little guide what I did: Followed mainly this guide:
  6. iLuTV

    FinalCutPro (Quicktime I think) can't render anyway.

    Hi guys! Yesterday I installed finally Hackintosh on my PC and all works well thanks to the people of this awesome forum. But I've one important problem for me, Final Cut Pro X doesn't render. It gives me errors everytime if I try to render in "Apple Devices" options. I can render in DVD but...
  7. MrMR2

    *** Success *** Asus x79 Sabertooth i7 3930k Radeon HD 7970 Running Mavericks

    I have successfully installed Mavericks on a separate SSD in my PC. I am currently dual booting Windows 7 and OS X. As I have the time I will add to this post in order to share the information pertaining to the successful installation. This is not a finished project yet as I still need to...
  8. hackthismac

    i73930k, P9X79, GTX 780 Will it work???

    Hey! anyone can tell me if that will work? any feedback about potential problems/solutions would be amazing! Running Mavericks, i7 3930k, ASUS P9X79, EVGA GTX 780, 32Gb RAM- Corsair DP 2133 Mhz, OSX on 2x256Gb SSD 840 Pro (RAID0) + Win7 on 128GB SSD 840 Pro, few extra hard drives, power etc...
  9. appletwo

    [SUCCESS] Appletwo's Build: GA-X79S-UP5-WiFi LGA 2011 | Intel i7-3930K | GTX 760 |

    Appletwo's Content Creator Build: GA-X79S-UP5-WiFi Socket LGA 2011 | Intel i7-3930K Sandy Bridge | GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked | Dynamic Overclock 4.5/4.7 ghz | Geekbench: 21613 I was designing my audio workstation for a while, I have just built a perfect-fit tonymac-ish hardware high specs...
  10. appletwo

    problems overclocking i7 3930k on Gigabyte X79S UP5 mob (BIOS F4)

    Hi everybody. I was designing my audio workstation for a while, and finally I have just built a high-specs hackintosh following the hardware info here: Here's the specs of my build: -i7 3930k 3,2 ghz...
  11. tjaudio

    [Success] TJAudio's Build: Core i7-3930k - Sabertooth X79 - 32GB RAM - GTX670 - Mountain Lion

    TJAudio's Build: Core i7-3930k - Sabertooth X79 - 32GB RAM - GTX670 Rackmount Hackintosh Components Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH X79 - LGA2011 (bios 3009, default settings for install) CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 1 LGA 2011...
  12. bigrignz

    Processor help

    Hello can anyone help me. I have had my hack running for a while now but i have been doing some huge renders in Cinema 4d and my computer was crashing. i had it clocked to 4.7 now i have set it back to defaults in the bios i now have this when i look at about this mac
  13. metalman

    Logic pro 9.1.8 and Garaband 6.0.5 doesn't work

    Hi I had successfully built my first hackintosh with ML 10.8.3 everything works except Logic pro 9.1.8 it tells me MIDI TIMEOUT ERROR INITIALIZING COREMIDI My audio interface is a Digidesign 002R And Garageband boot but not responding but i don't see welcome screen nothing Anyone have an...
  14. azntrutek

    My G5 case mod 2012

    Parts List : - Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe : - CPU : Intel Core I7 3930K sandy Bridge 3.2Ghz : - Ram : 32GB Kingston 1600Mhz DDR3 ...
  15. Dnk_Productions

    Poor System Performance/Benchmark Scores GTX670 and 3930K

    My main issue was that I opened up a project to test in FCPX, threw a magic bullet looks effect on top and the timeline does NOT stream in realtime. When I watch my system performance the CPU never gets above 30% and R/W speeds are always below 30mb/s. I need this system to max out all the...
  16. beamingbrothers

    Overclocking ASUS P9x79 WS + i7 3930k 10.8.2

    Hi All, Have an awesome new i7 3930k build running 10.8.2 with dual GTX 670's and 32GB DDR3 1600 completely done and all items working except sleep but for the life of me can't overclock it, even though i've looked all through this and online - i just get 9.24 CPU score on Cinebench...
  17. mckinsey123

    Pre-overclocked i7-3930K from custom PC supplier

    Hi all, thanks in advance for any responses and apologies if anyone feels this question is covered elsewhere in the forums, but I'm keen to be 100% sure before making a purchase! This machine would be used for video editing (currently my iMac's speed is proving to be the limiting factor in the...
  18. shenaniganmod10

    GTX 670 SLI- Possible?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting my first Socket 2011 Hackintosh, having recently sold my 2010 i7 iMac, I have the ultimate aim of creating a build that'll last me past the Haswell Extreme Series (2-3 years time?). Thus far I've bought myself a 3930k, Sabertooth X79, Corsair HX750 and GTX 670 Twin...
  19. garethshaw

    Lightroom 4, Final Cut Pro X, Blender and CS6...

    Hi all I was looking at buying the highest end MacBook Pro but my brother pursuaded me not too. To this end I've decided to build my own Hack. I really need some advice, I know how to build but I've not bbuilt one in years so I'm out of my depth on WHAT to buy in terms of numbers, makess and...
  20. Saigon8n8

    Just wanna confirme Asus P9X79 WS as working great with ML - Other than sound

    Hi Community Just wanna confirme quick Asus P9X79 WS as working great with Mountain Lion - Other than sound (ALC898) I will make a more detailed guide later this week. SPECS: - Asus P9X79 WS - Intel i7 3930k - EVGA GTX 680 Signature+ - OCZ Vertex 4 128GB The big issue...