i5 6600k

  1. DaSierkin

    Please help fix the config iMac 17.1

    Hi guys! I have serious problems. Sometimes my computer restarts at random. I don't know what the reason, but it usually happens when rendering works or I open a random program (no matter which one). It always happens unpredictably and I can not recreate a similar situation. The fact is that it...
  2. Alex117ssj

    Asus z170-a Motherboard does not let me disable secure boot

    I have a Asus z170-a Motherboard does not let me disable secure boot. I have tried several things. what can I do to disable it. bios doesn't let me is there another way?
  3. Helmi1704

    Can I try it? I5-6600k, ASUS MAXIMUS IMPACT VIII, GTX 980TI

    Hey, actually I own the following hardware: Intel Core i5-6600k on an ASUS Maximus Impact VIII pared with a GTX 980TI (reference design). I use 2x8GB RAM and have 2 SSDs connected to the mainboard. I would like to install MacOS on one SSD and W10 (only for gaming) on the other one. Is my...
  4. adderr

    HELP PLEASE! Install finished, Cannot boot into setup. i5 6600k, Asus H110m, r7 250

    Hi guys, I have been trying to install sierra at my new workplace on my new machine. All the parts are compatible (from what I have read) but im having trouble getting it done. I have got the OS installed but cannot get to the setup screen. I have tried a mixure of a lot of different BIOS...
  5. GoToDi3

    "Couldn't allocate runtime area"

    Almost every time I boot my pc I get this error: "sxAptioFix2Drv: Starting overrides for \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi Using reloc block: no hibernate wake: no Error allocating 0x116a2 Pages at 0x000000000655e000 alloc type 2 Couldn't allocate runtime area" After a couple of attempts...
  6. skullboy1222

    Can I run Mac Sierra?

    Specs: Nvidia GTX 1070 Intel i5 6600k 16gb DDR4 2400 mhz ram 1tb HDD 7200rpm 2tb HDD 5400rpm Can I run OSX? If so is there any tutorials for my build?
  7. DonaldBC

    SUCCESS - SIERRA - Part I (i5/6600/3,3GHz/LGA1151 + ASUS H170M-Plus - SAMSUNG EVO SSD 960 M2 500GB)

    tonymacx86's Build: Core i5-6600- ASUS-H170M-Plus - 16GB RAM - SAMSUNG M.2 SSD Components ASUS H170M-Plus https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014F7BM3M/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 Inte Core i5-6600 Skylake CPU https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0136JONRM/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD...
  8. ahuk

    *DONE* - Sierra - simple mouse move or hitting any key starts the computer

    Hi, I installed Mac OSX10.12.3 on a Gigabyte Z170M-D3H using multicast / unibeast according to the settings recommended by https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/ga-z170m-d3h-perfect-configuration-for-el-capitan-success.193651/ The OS works well, but when the computer is Off a simple mouse move or...
  9. ritzbitz00

    computer restarts during apple logo, before installer begins

    Hi, looking for help with a pesky installer restart issue. Clover boots to the apple logo, but then it restarts moment later. When using nv_disable=1 -v it reaches hibernate wake: no. Then creates a line of plus signs after a short pause, then the system restarts. I am running 10.11.6, but used...
  10. ritzbitz00

    Can't reach installer via unibeast/clover: This version of Mac OS unavailable on current platform

    Hello! New builder here, trying to follow multiple guides to create a customac pro. I'm stuck though on the first steps, I can't get the mac installer to work! I've tried nearly everything I could find, but nothing is able to get me past the error "Mac OS is unavailable on your platform" (just...
  11. DifferentComputers

    Enable Power Management in Sierra on Skylake system GA-170m-D3H

    I've searched the forums and there are a dozen guides, but none of them for my system/processor/OS. Can anyone point me to instructions for how to get power management working on my Indigo Sawtooth? SO much of getting my first hackintosh running was way easier than I expected, but this last...
  12. PranaySoni

    [Compatibility] Z170 Pro Gaming|i5 6600k supports El Capitan?

    Hey! Total noob here... I am thinking about assembling my own system. Below is my current build. Config: Processor : Intel i5-6600k MotherBoard : Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Ram : Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2400Mhz(CMK16GX4M2A2400C16R) Case...
  13. IliasMay


    My build: Gigabyte Z170N-wifi 16GB DDR4 Vengeance GTX 760 OC MSI i5 6600k Samsung Evo 840 250GB Corsair 550W PSU I did everything like in the installation guide except the part: "first make sure you're using a USB 2.0 port" (I only have USB 3.0) Because I have a GTX 760 I also entered the extra...
  14. leo015

    Skylake Gaming Mini-ITX Build

    Hey guys! I'm currently looking to replace my old 21.5" iMac Late 2009 with a proper budget gaming rig. The only game I play is World of Warcraft and I'm having some questions which I hope you can answer. First of, will playing WoW in Mac decrease performance rather than Windows? How difficult...
  15. gsanchez922

    Installation not start

    Hello everyone, I looking for some help I don't know what I missing but heres is my problem, I follow the installation guide for El Capitan but in the point 4 I'm stock with the apple logo change to something is lock. Here some photos of my bios setting Motherboard MSI h170A...