i5 4200u

  1. jamesthedude

    Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga s1 problems with hd4400

    Hello, I'm trying to make my thinkpad into a hackintosh. I'm having problems with the hd4400. I'm a newbie and I've tried to patch my dsdt file. I'm going to attach my compressed efi folder. (I've tried patching my dsdt file), I couldn't do any SDST files because of compilations errors. I've...
  2. Veba

    HD4400 Boot Graphics Glitch

    Hallo, when I boot my Toshiba P55-A5312 w/ macOS High Sierra, I get this lovely screen You can clearly see that the mouse icon works just fine, yet the image behind it is corrupted. I've tried many patches, kexts, IG-PLATFORM-IDs, etc, with no avail. The only fix for this is to put the...
  3. xenoskater

    Haswell laptop might be above my head

    I have been messing with my Asus Q501LA for about a week to get it to work with Sierra (had it running Yosemite following RanbirAulakh guide). Now I do have a different Wi-fi card (Bcm94352HMB) and 12gb of ram (instead of the stock 8gb that came with mine), but Yosemite worked fine with that...
  4. Lifehacker98

    Acer Aspire v5 573g

    Acer Aspire v5 573g with : Intel Core i5 4200u Intel HD4400 Nvidia GT750M 8 GB RAM 500 GB HDD Atheros AR5BWB222 Wifi Chip Could that work with Mavericks or Lion? Thanks :-)