1. Robbish

    Robbish's 8yr old ATX IvyBridge Hackintosh GA-Z77-DS3H - i5-3570K - HD 4000 [OpenCore/macOS Big Sur]

    Robbish's 8yr old ATX IvyBridge Hackintosh GA-Z77-DS3H - i5-3570K - HD 4000 [OpenCore] (Final Guide Revision 6.3) Components Gigabyte Z77-DS3H (Revision 1.0) motherboard Discontinued Intel i5-3570K (Ivy Bridge) 3.8 GHz 4-Core Processor CPU Discontinued Noctua NH-U12S Air Cooler Amazon US...
  2. magnetswork

    << Solved >> z77x-UD5H, F16j, i5-3570K, Evga GT620 Mac OS El Capitan, Update to Mojave without a fresh install

    Hello All, I am a music producer, currently running a successful El Capitan, hackintosh build. I am very pleased with how it is running, all of my programs are running as expected. However, I would like to upgrade to Mojave, I have created a unibeast USB drive already, but I am thinking that I...
  3. clarkdv

    H61N-USB3 upgrading from i3 to i5

    I have a Gigabyte H61N-USB3 with a i3-2105 currently running High Sierra. I'm about to remove the i3 and install a i5-3570K. Is that all I need to do or do I need to set anything differently in the BIOS? Thanks!
  4. Milesree

    [Upgrade Advice] GA-Z77N- Wifi Mini ITX i5-3570k existing build

    Dear Tonymacx forums My hackintosh has lasted over 4 years now and is every bit I've hoped it to be. I am now looking for some advice over my planned upgrade to my existing build. I based my initial build off of Bittermelon's chip build using the same mobo and bitfenix case...
  5. Rippli

    H77N-Wifi Yosemite problems - USB3 & shutdown

    Hi all I have installed Yosemite on my H77N-WIFI with i5-3570K, GeForce GT 640, 16GB vengence ram, SSD etc All pretty good - sound working, Apple store, etc. My main problems are no USB3 and no shutdown. After selecting shutdown, the mac OS seems to shutdown, but box & fans don't switch off!! I...
  6. onamission

    Guide for GA-Z77X-UP5-TH/ i5-3570K/HD4000 YOSEMITE install with Clover

    I am posting this as a guide to my clean Yosemite install using clover as well as to get some feedback/suggestions on a few issues that I will mention. I never upgraded to Mavericks after my Mountain Lion install (no reason just content with what I had), so with the new OS and much refined...
  7. xs4amit

    1600MHz RAM recognized as 1333MHz

    Hi Friends, I just installed Mavericks on my built, using clover. At my first boot using USB drive into HDD, My RAM was correctly shown in 'About my Mac' running at 1600MHz. Also in BIOS it is correctly set. When I installed Clover on my HDD to make my HDD bootable, RAM is shown at 1333MHz in...
  8. dvisic

    Current Computer Compatible?

    i5-3570K Z77E-ITX GeForce GTX 670 build? This is my current Win7 setup. I have an old (like 2006) Mac Pro and a 2009 Macbook Pro. I'd like to get myself down to one rock solid dual-boot desktop, and then have my MBP for portable stuff. Motherboard: ASRock Z77E-ITX CPU: Intel i5-3570K @...
  9. Bluedraggy

    Resolution Problem GTX 660ti + Mavericks 10.9.4

    Hello guys, first of all, my dualboot specs: -i5 3570K -Z77 DS3H 1.0 -Nvidia GTX PNY 660ti -2x 4gb Corsair Ram -SAMSUNG 22'' 1080 Native -Other stuff..... Am running dualboot W8 and Mavericks flawlessly, everything works even after update to 10.9.4, the only thing i can't fix is i still cant...
  10. jorma

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 TI Boost SC Windforce not working - power issue?

    Hi folks, my build with a GA-B75M-D3P and an iCore i5-3570K is working pretty nice in 10.8.4. Sleep, sound, ethernet and wifi are all working. I use a 500W Bronze Corsair PSU, might that be an issue regarding that my system won't boot at all as soon as I put in the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 TI...
  11. jorma

    jorma's first build: i5-3570K, Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P, GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost - Photoshop/Photo Edit

    Hello everybody, I work in photography and post production/retouch and I want to build a Hackintosh as my work station, replacing my (very) old MacBook Pro (early 2008). It is still running well, but it became just a bit slow. I basically want to use Photoshop CS5/6, Capture One and...
  12. nathan-1998

    ***LGA 1156 Motherboard recommendations***

    **LGA 1155 Motherboard recommendations*** Im new to the world of Hackintosh. I was wondering what LGA 1155 motherboards people would recommend for a Hackintosh build. I am planing to put an Intel Core i53570K in it.
  13. shtepan

    10.8.3 stuck on booting from SSD on GA-Z77-DS3H, i5-3570K

    Hi there, need your help! I have made Unibeast installation USB key on 10.6.8 MacPro succesfully. Then I was able to boot up from USBkey on PC, also installed MountainLion on SSD and then when trying to bootu from the SSD, it's possible only in safe mode. -v (verbose mode end with): ... ...
  14. Thom the Destroyer

    GA-Z77X-UD5H / i5-3570K plus "leftover" components

    I had some hardware issues with my old box, and decided that it was time to upgrade. I'm looking at picking up a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H and Intel i5-3570K, and re-use the following components for the time being: - Xigmatek Gaia cooler (should suffice for a bit of OC). - 8 GiB (4x2) G.Skill DDR3...
  15. Artaiuss

    Boot-error: i5-3570K "unknown"; power management unsupported

    Hello community, I'm in need of some advise: After successfully starting the installation of OS X via UniBeast USB Drive, I cannot finish it: After the reboot, the system doesn't load OS X from the installation-partition. I just see the grey apple screen with scrolling wheel. My System...
  16. TacoPartyPack

    i5-3570k + ga-h61n-usb3 + ML MultiBeast 5.2.1, HD4000 HDMI audio?

    Hey gang, I'm new here - and attempting my first build. FWIW, I started off on a wrong(difficult?) step by pairing an ivy bridge with a 6 series motherboard.:-( I got the build to work(thanks to everyone on this fantastic site!), but I am left with 2 problems; HDMI over audio(using onboard...
  17. charlieBoo

    GA-Z77-DS3H works fine with this components?

    Im going to buy a GA-Z77-DS3H and i have to know if all ports are compatible with Mountain lion, is audio and lan working in? I want to install it with a Intel Core i5-3570K and a Geforce GTX550 TI. any sugestion?? Thank you for any help, that is my first build and I'm inexpert
  18. playdead09

    First time building a computer. (ever...)

    Hey all, so this is my first build ever... why am I starting off PC building with a hackintosh? Because it seems fun and not too much more complicated than a regular windows build + my wife is in love with Apple and wanted it to run OS X. My goals for the build is to basically have the most...
  19. macrhab

    Z77X-UD5H and i5-3570K: not successful so far...

    I chose the hardware from the recommended 2012 buys so I am confident that someone/many must have got this set-up to work. All went well until multibeast. I persistently get: boot 0: GPT boot 0: test boot 0: test boot 0: GPT boot 0: test boot 0: test boot 0: error If I choose the flash...
  20. rynotheking14

    98% SUCCESS - 10.8.2 - i5-3570K - 16 GB RAM - GTX 680 2GB

    98% SUCCESS HELP! - 10.8.2 - i5-3570K - 16 GB RAM - GTX 680 2GB rynotheking14's Ultimate Hackintosh ML + W7 DualBooter i5-3570K - 16 GB RAM - GTX 680 2GB - Working WiFi Components Intel i5-3570K http://www.memoryexp...roducts/MX39008 Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 Dual Channel...