1. YaseerShahid

    Keyboard working, Trackpad not working

    I've been using the VoodooPS2 kext for a long time and that's what enables my keyboard to work, Recently I tried to get my trackpad to work and found that it's actually an I2C ELAN trackpad. I've read earlier that the VoodooPS2 and the VoodooI2C kexts won't work together? is this still true? and...
  2. re23071998

    Solved > HELP Lenovo IdeaPad 320S-13IKB Touchpad

    Hi, booted successfully to Mojave installer but touchpad didn't work. it's an I2C touchpad (ELAN0630) according to bughunt from this thread ( ) it is possible to fix the touchpad before installing...
  3. deuterium

    error 6126 while patching i2c devices in DSDT

    I'm currently patching the DSDT of a Intel Compute Card with a core m3-7y30. the computer runs laggy sometimes after boot and keeps running sluggish until a reboot fixes it. I applied the i2c devices patch from Rehabman repo, and MacIasl (iasl 6.2a spec) is returning error 6126: syntax error...
  4. lathoskaneis

    [Guide] Asus Zenbook UX410UN i5 8th Gen

    THIS IS NOT A "REAL" GUIDE! I am not a developer or have any real knowledge in coding. In this thread I will show you my walkthrough of the Zenbook 's transformation! First of all I am really grateful that people like RehabMan, Acidanthera, Hieplpvip and many many others are making...
  5. icatface

    Lenovo Yoga 520 Issues with compiling DSDT, patching VooDoo I2C and ACPI table errors

    Hello everyone, I have successfully installed macOS Mojave with almost no issues (Audio and battery indicator fixed with kexts). Now I'm trying to fix the trackpad. Even though the keyboard and external mouse works out of the box, the trackpad is pretty important since the laptop only has 2 USB...
  6. ben130

    Lenovo Yoga 910 I2c Trackpad help

    Hey guys, So now after receiving help from rehabman and others, I was able to get full graphics acceleration on i7-7500u intel hd 620 graphics. I got audio working with multibeast, and now I am trying to get the trackpad to work. If anyone has gotten the i2c to work for lenovo's, please help me...
  7. Squarq

    Can't Get VoodooI2C to work for Trackpad

    I've just recently hackintosh'd my ux305UA and gotten everything working well enough except the trackpad. I followed the guide here,, unfortunately the trackpad is still not working. It runs Elan1000, and previous...
  8. Squarq

    [HELP] Can't get I2C Trackpad to Work

    I've just recently hackintosh'd my ux305UA and gotten everything working well enough except the trackpad. I followed the guide here,, unfortunately the trackpad is still not working. It runs Elan1000, and previous...
  9. maystro31

    [HELP] Sleep/Wake issues and post install bugs on ASUS X566UV

    I finally finished making my almost perfect laptop mackintosh, I would like to thank all the developers who helped with their detailed guides and mods especially RehabMan, however still few bugs that I couldn't fix and here I am requesting your precious help: -Sleep/Wake doesn't work at all, I...
  10. GeneralCuster

    I2C trackpad support with VoodooI2C

    Over the last few months, I've been working on getting my laptop to work with macOS Sierra. The last thing left on the list is to make the trackpad work, as having to use an external mouse as the only way of interacting with the pointer has grown very frustrating. The laptop is a Lenovo Yoga...
  11. SteelEdgedKnife

    Voodoo I2C

    Hello all, Just wondering what I have to do to get Voodoo I2C compiled using Xcode?
  12. romsfreak

    [solved] Trackpad recognized as Mouse

    Hi, I've installed Sierra 10.12.3 successfully and everything works fine, incept of trackpad and keyboard. In the trackpad preference panel doesn't show it and so I think it is recognised as mouse (and I can't scroll or everything else). Also in the keyboard preference panel I can't edit...
  13. Squarq

    [Help] Need proper kexts and dsdts for my ZenBook UX305UA

    Recently, I tried hackontoshing my ux305ua using the guide for the ux305fa listed here, But when I tried it, the dsdts caused a full crash and the Apple trackpad did not work since my laptop has an I2C...
  14. daniel111

    Synaptics Touchpad on I2C - Not working with VoodooPS2Controller!

    Yoga 3 Pro- My keyboard works with VoodooPS2Controller, but my touchpad doesn't. I don't see related logs except for an "error communicating with the trackpad." @RehabMan
  15. LiteGaming

    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    *** MODERATOR NOTE *** This thread is for an older I2C kext no longer supported. A rewritten I2C kext is now available. Please refer to this thread for I2C trackpad/touchscreen/etc: *** END MODERATOR NOTE *** VoodooI2C...
  16. mihael

    Synaptics Clickpad on I2C

    [Unsolved] Synaptics Clickpad on I2C Hello! Clickpad on my laptop connected with I2C. Can anyone help me found kext for using my clickpad in OSX?