1. floex

    What Would Final Cut Pro benefit more from? CPU or GPU?

    I plan on getting the Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB for 4K editing on Final Cut Pro, with the Intel Core i5-8600K and OC to save $$$. I was wondering if I'm better off with the higher powered GPU and the non-HT i5, or if I should just got for i7-8700 minimum? Wasn't sure if Final Cut Pro would...
  2. jogaleins

    Dual Xeon CPU not fully utilizing the 2nd CPU

    I have dual xeon CPU running El-Capitan. About this MAC shows 2X2.4ghz processor. 1. hwmonitor I can only see 8 cores instead of 16 cores. 2. I've installed htop and I can see 16 cores in the terminal. but when I run cinebench r15. htop utilization shows only 8-cores being used. The remaining...
  3. RedSoxFan

    6600k vs 6700k?

    I’m thinking about building a Hackintosh in a year or two, and I’m torn between the 6600k and the 6700k. I know the difference between them is that the i5-6600k is 3.5 GHz and doesn’t have hyper-threading while the i7-6700k is 4 GHz and has hyper-threading. But the 6700k costs $100 more than the...
  4. Daysond

    Gigabyte Z97X GAMING 5 + i7 4770K/ i5 4670k ?

    Actually I am new to Hackintosh and I wanna get a Custom Mac for photo editing and gaming. I've been looking up hardware theses days and I think the Z97X gaming 5 is my best choice currently.. So I am wondering if anyone has a custom Mac with this Mobo just to make sure its compatible... and...
  5. leo015

    3570k Vs. 3770k - Hyperthreading

    Hello, So i decided to go with a 3570k,GTX 570 and 16 GB RAM for my next rig. The most demanding use of my PC is mainly gaming and very rarely image editing, but i want to use a virtual machine to run windows for some of my games and was curious if virtual machines benefit from...