hyper x

  1. mgregrs

    ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2

    Hi All! After little research (everywhere), I couldn't find any information about working ASUS Hyper M.2 V1 or V2 card. on HS or Mojave, so I bought one, to try it and share my experience. 1) Main idea 2) Quick presentation 3) Quick performance test 4) BIOS configuration - 4a) Data mode - 4b)...
  2. MrFSXguyHD

    I need help with my computer

    Hi guys, I am a complete newbie to the hackintosh community. I have roughly built my computer, just waiting for a few parts. My Specs : i5 4690K (Will be overclocking) Hyper X 16Gb 1866mhz RAM CX600m Corsair PSU Gigabyte H97M-D3H, will be upgrading to a Z97M-D3H Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb SSD (Will...