1. Sana.es94

    Hybrid, as two separate drives

    I was looking for a way to have a dual boot laptop (win/hackintosh) in forums. What i get, was that, it can be risky, and tricky to have dualboot on one disk. But what if i buy a hybrid laptop? Can i use ssd and hdd as two seporate disks, install win on one and hackintosh on the other, easily...
  2. Damy77

    Compatible: EVGA Hybrid Geforce GTX 970 4Gb

    Goodmorning everyone, I wanted to know if the graphics card EVGA Geforce GTX 970 4Gb Hybrid and compatible undertook to make a Hackintosh? tab of the link:EVGA Geforce GTX 970 4Gb Hybrid
  3. quezeltje

    Build Check for osx sierra/win10 dual boot system

    After several hours of research, This is what I'm planning to build: The question is, should there be any problems (incompatible parts) in the installation progress? I plan to install windows 10 first so I've got something to fall back on, and Sierra afterwards (or El Capitan if Sierra should...
  4. audifanatic518

    Vizio CN15-A5

    Hello, Just to be clear: I'm much more of a Linux user than anything else, so OSx isn't really my thing; I'm researching Hackintoshes for a less than tech-savvy friend (who is coming from an older Macbook and currently abhors Windows 8). Of course I told him that since Hackintoshes aren't...
  5. TheGeneral696

    Help with multiple OSs

    For my first build, I've decided to go with 2 hard drives, a Western Digital 3TB drive and a Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid drive. My plan is to install Mountain Lion, Windows 8, and Ubuntu Linux on the hybrid drive and use the 3TB drive for storage of music, movies, and some apps/games. When...