hp probook


    KP while booting macOS Big Sur installer

    Can anyone please decrypt this KP for me? I'm trying to boot macOS Big Sur on my Skylake HP Probook G3 (i7-6200U + HD 520, 16GB RAM)
  2. ankitnayan

    Multiple error in Clover

    Hello everyone, Can someone help me pinpoint the error. Some of the errors I got are : Wifi not working , HDMI Audio works but Video is not working, also Handoff and Instant Hotspot is not working. Please help me fix these issue. My Device Config : HP ProBook 440 G2 Graphics : Intel...
  3. Emptyspace

    HP ProBook 440 G5

    Hi, I am newbie in Hackintosh, and I searched a lot and read guides. but I can't get to know that is my laptop is compatible. because I think I have to try installing with stock wifi/bluetooth parts, because I am just one Korean college student and I think I have bad access to the stores that...
  4. XerK

    Best OS X for HP Probook 6460b ?

    Which Mac version can I install on my laptop? RAM: 4GB CPU: Intel Core i3 2310M Grahpics: Intel HD Grahpcis 3000
  5. Killo0o2

    HP Probook 650 g2 High Sierra

    Introduction New Hp laptops series have UEFI implemented in BIOS, and it provides much more advantages over current BIOS-based bootloaders like Chimera/Chameleon. - Faster boot time - Easier OS X install/Upgrade with native methods - Create and boot to Recovery HD, for Time Machine and Disk...
  6. OneSource14

    System Definition

    Hello, I have a laptop that is compatible with Mac, a HP Probook 440 g1. I install Yosemite, Mostly because my Wifi USB supports only up to Yosemite, It works with full graphics and everything. The problem is, I think I am using a wrong system definition. I use iMac 14,2. Sometimes, apps crash...
  7. alive.dew

    [Q] Best OS X for HP Probook 6460b ?

    I own an HP Probook 6460b with Intel Core i5-2520M / Intel HD Graphics 3000. I used OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and El Capitan 10.11.6 on my Probook. I'm willing to use macOS Sierra. I want to ask the experienced Hackintoshers (specially RehabMan, as I followed his tune and used his created scripts /...
  8. kickokim

    HP Probook G1 - El Capitan 10.11 - Issue: Random Shutdowns

    Hi I updated my laptop to El Capitan some months ago and since then I've been getting some strange issues: 1. Laptop sometimes shuts down in random moments 2. Laptop often shuts down when I wake it up from sleep 3. Not so important, but if I plug my external HDMI monitor before turning on the...
  9. guillegomez

    --- No Sound After El Capitan Update - HP Probook 4540s ---

    Someone finally has sound on HP Probook 4540s after El Capitan Update? Please detail how you did. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok. I found the solution: Here is the procedure: 1. Copy AppleHDAIDT.kext to...
  10. NarutoUzumaki98

    Can't use my WiFi cards

    Hi! I successfully installed Yosemite on my ProBook 4530s (Dual Boot with W10) but my WiFi card (RT3592) doesn't work. I bought, thanks to a thread on this site, a new WiFi card (AR5B195) on eBay but it doesn't work, I get an error of the BIOS saying that it has disabled the WiFi card because...
  11. AntonUA

    HP ProBook 450 G2 Broadwell HD5500 Boot Glitch

    Hello again, friends. My problem is next Is any chance to fix clover boot on 1920x1080 resolution? OS X 10.11.6
  12. lucas1188

    HP Probook 430 G3 Core i5 (6200U) SKYLAKE

    Hi there guys ! I wanted to ask any one of you who might have hackintoshed their Probook 430 G3. Any info will be appreciated, like any obstacles you encountered and how you solved it or point to the right direction for me to read. I'm planning on following this well known Guide >...
  13. kickokim

    New SSD for HP Probook - Dual Boot Windows 10 and OSX El Capitan - Clover

    Hello, I bought a new SSD (960GB) I want to dual Boot Windows 10 and OSX El Capitan using Clover, how should I proceed? I was thinking of restoring a time machine backup for OSX, but I don't know if I should install windows or osx first and if there is anything I should know. I found some guides...
  14. AntonUA

    Webcam on HP Probook 450 G2

    Hello. Today i`m install OS X El Capitan on my laptop HP Probook 450 G2 without any problems, but now i see that built-in hp webcam does`t work... And i have no idea, how i can get working webcam. If anyone can help me - please tell info on this topic. My EFI folder -...
  15. physicsguy47

    Laptop second monitor issue

    I'm using an HP Probook 6570b with HD4000 graphics running OS 10.11.3. I'm trying to use a second monitor connected to my VGA port, but I'm having some major issues. If I boot without the monitor connected and then plug it in, it isn't recognized. If I boot WITH it plugged in, it duplicates...
  16. HandsomeGuy123

    Trying to install Yosemite i am stuck with an error (Using Unibeast for installation)

    Basically i made a bootable USB Stick but when i boot i get an error and the spinning wheel:beachball: i tried all the bootflags i am not sure if there is anything i should do further i have attached the error
  17. Leopard1

    Hp Probook 640 G1

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop with 4200M Proc and 128 GB SSD - those who have experience with this or similar laptop, please tell me - everything is working properly (sleep, restart, performance)? I know that the wifi card needs to be changed. Thanks.
  18. baozi

    17 inch LAPTOP ADVICE

    hi i am in the UK and need a macbook pro backup machine i saw on another forum that they recommended the lenovo z50 as the best mackintosh laptop this is the 17 inch version the z70-80 http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00S6DPWYC/?tag=tonymacx86-21 do you think this would be the same? apparently...
  19. Jameeble

    HP Probook 6560B is a nightmare D:

    Alright, long story short. It is an absolute pleasure to install OS X Yosemite to my 6560B w/o any issues. Graphics, sound, touchpad and keyboard are very easy to set up. My only problem is the wireless card which is the BCM4313 which I know is NOT supported at all in OS X. And after constant...
  20. khawar.shzd

    HP Probook Support?

    Can I install OS X EI Captan (Public Beta) on HP Probook? Using the same method and tools that are for Yosemite? Please add instructions for HP Probook.