hp probook 4540s

  1. Hamza93

    Forgotten HP ProBook 4540s Bios Password?

    Hi! I put a password on my Probook 4540s Bios when I bought it (that was a childish move) and now I forgot it because it was a long time ago. I contact HP support and they surprise me they don't reset the Bios password anymore the only option is to replace the board. Here is my chat history...
  2. ramyhosny

    update hp probook 4540s to El Capitan

    Hi, I apologies in advance if this is a duplicate. I have a hackintosh (Yosemite) running on a hp probook 4540s . I need to update this to El Capitan, in order to update to Xcode 7.3. Could someone point me in the right direction to get me updated to El Capitan. The last thing how i copy my...
  3. 1988.kalpesh

    Not able to boot os-x el-capitan on hp probook 4540s after fresh install.

    Hi, I am using hp probook 4540s. I can boot from clover partition of my USB drive. But after completing installation guide and installing hp probook installer clover edition 6.4.4. When I restart my laptop it it shwed me boot screen to select boot partition. And upon selection of correct...
  4. Tech.hack

    My first ever hackintosh laptop....need some and help and advice please :)

    Hi all. I have just joined this forum hoping to get advice and make new friends :) i want to create a dual booting windows and OS X laptop. i will be purchasing a hp pro book 4540s very soon. It will have the 2nd gen i5 processor, my first question is does it matter which generation...
  5. vrao

    Stretched apple boot logo

    I have installed OS X Yosemite on my HP probook 4540s. Everything is working fine except at the apple boot screen, the logo is a little stretched at first, but after some time, it goes back to normal and boots. It is a minor problem, and I have already tried setting bios to UEFI without CSM, and...
  6. iluvsweetpea999

    HP ProBook 4540s compatibility

    Hi, I see quite a few posts expressing that the HP ProBook 4540s is one of the most "cooperative" laptops to install Mavericks on. Most of the posts I'm finding though are from last year. Does the same still hold true for the newer generations of the ProBook? Also, I see variations of the...
  7. crazyhorse3

    Installing Snow Leopard on HP Probook 4540s

    I am trying to install Snow Leopard on my HP Probook 4540s. I cannot move past the apple logo when trying to install snow leopard. I am using iBoot burned to cd-rom disc and a retail dvd of snow leopard. I have followed the install 10.6 installation guide from tonymacx86. I have searched the...
  8. corebuilder

    HP ProBook 4540s [Working File]

    Dear HP ProBook 4540s user and all devs Please submit the tested and working files (kexts, DSDT, plist, patches) for HP ProBook 4540s here thanks