hp g4

  1. tasos1615

    HP 250 G4 Guide OS X 10.11.5

    Overview HP 250 G4 is a very cheap laptop with decent hardware for its price (~300euro). It comes with an i3 5005u, 4GB of Ram and an hard drive of 500GB Status of the system Working: Almost everything Not working: 1. Wifi & Bluetooth due to its chip (This laptop has a whitelist so I would...
  2. Madhu12

    Snow Leopard installation on HP Pavilion G4 2049tx

    Hello, I tried to install Snow Leopard on my laptop HP Pavilion G4 2049tx using iBoot Ivy Bridge-1.1.0. But I'm not able to boot the retail snow leopard DVD (10.6.3). I'm getting kernel panic error....:-( panic(cpu 0 caller 0x55f81d): "unable to find driver for this platform...