hot swap

  1. StarLord21

    Thunderbolt 3 Hotplug & Wake after Sleep Lenovo Yoga Alpine Ridge

    Hi please has anyone successfully enabled thunderbolt 3 on Lenovo Yoga 720 or similar laptop? Thank you! Build Information:
  2. das734

    << Solved >> Internal SATA Hot-Swap bay for HDDs. Anyone have one working?

    Mojave build using 'vanilla' Multibeast options. Everything works great. Recently added an internal hot-swap bay and drives connected at boot are recognized but I cannot hot-swap them. SATA port Hot Plug is enabled in Bios. No SATA options were check-boxed in Multibeast. Does anyone know how...
  3. miliuco

    [SOLVED] SATA hot plug patch not working in Big Sur

    Hello, I have noticed that the patch I used in Catalina to be able to hot plug SATA drives does not work in Big Sur. I mean this patch: Name = Find = 40600200 Replace = 00000000 Comment = SATA hot plug. It happens to someone else? How can I solve that? Thank you.
  4. sdarktemplar

    Dell Latitude 5480 TB3 hot plug does not work

    Few days ago, I clean install the 10.13.1 on my 5480, and the usb3.1 type-c hot plug works fine. yesterday I got the Dell TB15 (TB3 dock), then TB3 is no hot plug, I have to plug in before boot, and the type-c on the TB15 is no hot plug, either. any idea? Thanks
  5. DaffyDuck

    Thunderbolt Hot-Swap Functional Work-Around / OWC Drive Dock

    So, figured you’d like to know that the OWC Thunderbolt Drive dock ( is the only Thunderbolt 2 peripheral that allows hot swapping of drives via Thunderbolt. The one catch with existing Thunderbolt 2 Hackintosh systems, is that the drives attached...
  6. openvista

    Highpoint eSATA card no longer hot swappable

    I have just moved from an official Mac Pro 3,1 system to a Gigabyte z77x-up5-th based system. The PCI-e card in question (purchased here: is the RAID-less version of the RocketRAID 622 card. It has the Marvel 88SE9123 chipset which has...
  7. 2ndAttemptHackintosh

    Asus P8Z77-M Pro vs MSI Z77MA-G45

    I'm getting my parts list together, and I'm completely stumped between these two boards. I will be using the i7 3770k. I know there's been success with each, and the specs are about the same. The price is close enough that I don't want to consider it into the equation. Here's what I've gathered...
  8. MrEddy

    eSATA external drive not ejectable ?

    [Solved] eSATA external drive not ejectable ? Hi, I finally wanted to use my eSATA connector on my mono. So I just plugged an external drive on it. No problem, it's mounted correctly. All I read about eSATA was hot swap problems. So I was concerned if it would need a restart. I'm glad it...
  9. rickoxo

    Hot swap drive bay for SATA III

    I am getting ready to build a machine and one thing I would love to be able to do is swap hard drives in and out. The main system drive will be fixed, but I 'd like to be able to hot swap drives for copying, backing up and alternative boots. I've seen a few options on Amazon...