1. seemajor7

    [Fixed] No Intel HDMI Audio and Display not matching up (High Sierra)

    Hi, all, my HDMI audio was working under High Sierra, then I applied the 2020-005 Security update and updated Clover and now the HDMI audio is not working. I think part of the problem is that System Report shows the proper monitor (F27), but About This Mac shows it as a Built-in Display, how...
  2. manosvouts

    Dual Boot Mac OS High Sierra And Windows 10

    Ηello guys i need your help. I installed Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 before 2 day on my HP Compaq 8300 Elite, this installation was difficult for me because it was my first. Μany thanks to the tonymacx Forum for the information and the steps they gave me for the installation. I dont know from...
  3. jahan2x

    I need driver for Amd Firepro M5950?

    Hi I am able to instal high Sierra on my laptop but I am stuck with display driver the MAC is showing that it have and 6770 card with 5mb. Memory but in real my laptop HP Elitebook 8560w has Amd Firepro M5950 graphics card... .? let me know where I can find this and M5950 driver for old or...
  4. RowenDJ

    Help in update to Catalina from High Sierra

    Hello everyone! I want to update my system to Mac os Catalina. The problem is that I still on High Sierra because I have a Nvidia GTX 750 TI. I'm going to buy the " Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 560 4GD5 4GB OC GDDR5 " and install it. After that I will have High Sierra with this card and I think I...
  5. FroRo2019

    Oh My God I've Messed Up

    Hey, Sorry for the clickbate, but I think I've really screwed myself here. I have had my hackintosh for about 4 years now, and its gone without updating the entire time. I had been using OS X 10.9.5 the entire time, and never needed to update because all of the software that I needed was still...
  6. BeepWeep

    Language choose

    I created a High Sierra flash drive in Hackintosh using UniBeast, but I had a problem, I want to choose a language during installation, but I don’t have a language selection panel, is there a way to turn it on? (in config.plist, gui, the choice of language was set to no and English, but the...
  7. realizelol

    [HELP] Fujitsu LifeBook AH531/GFO

    Hi Tonys, I successfully installed Clover 4741 on /EFI (JHFS+ - Root-Patition) by using "High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch 10.13.x." because this Laptop is BIOS MBR only (no GPT!, so also no APFS Support for Boot-Drive :/). Added these propeties to get a screen without adding a...
  8. Viseko

    [solved] Error(stuck on) ReadKernelCache after usb install

    Hi guys. I try to install High Sierra on hp 650 g1, finally I done install from usb to ssd, but when I try to install from ssd I stuck on ReadKernelCache. I wait about an hour and decided to rebooting. After rebooting, when I come to clover and choose 'boot from ssd' clover are stuck, can't do...
  9. Volurex

    High Sierra Bootup Error (Sometimes)

    Error_Screen by Volurex posted Nov 10, 2018 at 11:32 AM That is not my screenshot but it is the exact same error icon When I choose to boot up into my mac drive through clover it sometimes displays this error then reboots into windows. I will then restart the computer again to get into the...
  10. chuchutta

    [Solved] Clover suddenly does not see High Sierra APFS Boot Partition

    Hello, I have been running High Sierra for a few months now with no issues. I decided to install a new SSD for my Windows Drive (separate drive from my macOS SSD), and now clover only sees NTFS and old mac backups. I know the drive that has my High Sierra boot partition on it is working...
  11. joeyred8

    USB WIFI Adapter help

    Hi, Hoping someone will be able to help. I’ve got my hackintosh up and running with high Sierra. Everything working but WiFi due to an incompatible wireless card. I purchased the following: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CN2PXNX/?tag=tonymacx86-21 I’ve installed the drivers which came on...
  12. filterhead

    1080 Installation problems

    Hi guys, I have a problem long time ago. Im unable to install high sierra, i did once, and 1080 didnt worked to me. After so much time, i decided to reinstall. I installed using unibeast, then i used time machine to recover my files. Here is the problem: i used to have a black screen clover...
  13. hnieuw

    only 7mb Vram UHD 630 with Acer Aspire a715

    Starting a new thread, cause the problem was getting off topic here. Problem is the low vram (7mb) that makes everything go slow, for instance launchpad and stuff. I could work on it though. Waiting for Mojave (monday) is also an option, but I d'rather go with a stable mac os, then going with...
  14. jorgedx21

    [Solved] High Sierra stops installing and restarts when it's close to the end

    Hi everyone, First of all, I have to say that my English isn't perfect, so excuse me. I had Yosemite installed on my Hackintosh and I decided to jump to High Sierra because I'm a filmographer and the lastest updates of many post production and design apps are not working on Yosemite...
  15. Yuhwa

    [Solved]Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB 10.14 PB7&10.13.6 - 3 Issues(Webcam) (Repost)

    20181229 Now I'm using 10.14.2 There's USB 3.0 problem but, replaced IOUSBFamily, IOUSBHostFamily from 10.14 then it works. Block sleep using "sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1" Webcam problem seems from USB, I didn't fix it but automate active webcam trick with 'controllermate' (It can make nice...
  16. ajschot

    Antelope Orion Studio via Thunderbolt 3

    Hey all, some of us already know that there are problems running Antelope's Orion Studio via TB on a hackintosh. My system is a ASRock Fatality Z370 Professional i7 with i7-8700k and 32Gskill DDR4-3200 memory and a ASRock AIC TB3 card On USB the device works very well but have more latency, on...
  17. Feartech

    [HELP] Install High Sierra on Asus

    Read up on the FAQ first: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/faq-read-first-laptop-frequent-questions.164990/ Link to laptop guide: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-booting-the-os-x-installer-on-laptops-with-clover.148093/
  18. franzderheld

    High Performance Hackintosh for Rendering & Gaming

    Hello all, I'm using Mac computers for 11 years now. Before I switches to Mac I have built multiple PCs with Windows and not had any problems. Now I'm trying to build my first Hackintosh because Apple can't deliver the performace I need (at least not for the budget I have). Does anyone has tips...
  19. pizzaguy

    [Solved] Unibeast for HS - not working?

    I've used various flavors of Unibeast over the years with good luck but now am really flummoxed... back on my crusade to get High Sierra working on my Z87, I tried the latest UB today to create my USB stick, and all it did was copy the "Install High Sierra".app to the USB stick. UB says the...
  20. brianwong11031

    Help! How can I use bluetooth on my hackintosh laptop?

    This is what I see in the bluetooth settings page: It is always loading and it does not show anything. How to fix this?