1. asusmac

    Accidental hid all discs (boot options) in clover - how to start OSX now?

    Hello together, I am stuck and it seems so stupid but all I did is working on the config.plist and somehow deactivated all boot options for the clover bootloader. So the next time I restarted the computer I couldn't choose any boot option. Also I do not have a bootable USB stick anymore. How...
  2. Smexhy

    [Solved] How to hide bootloader when booting?

    Hello, I actually know how to do it (I think), but it's just not working. Here you can see my boot clover configuration: Timeout should be 0 if I don't want to see it, right? I tried also "Fast" option, but didn't work either. Thanks guys for any tip!
  3. GabrielLogan67

    Hide "Welcome to clover"

    Hi all, I have configured clover exactly as bootcamp in Mac OS X. It means mainly same theme and showing only windows and Sierra partition. To polish my hackintosh, I would like to hide the text just between the boot and the display of the hard disks. During less than one second, I can see a...
  4. d112570

    Hide partitions in Clover without UUID

    How do I hide partitions in clover which do not have any UUID? I can modify Windows 10 since it has a UUID, the disk 3s1,s3,s5 all show up and I can't remove them from clover boot list since they don't have a UUID using clover configurator. I have 3 i like to show, windows 10, macOS sierra...
  5. Hans1199

    Dual Boot with separate drives - hide windows drive in OS X

    Hey guys, is there a method to permanently hide the windows drive in OS X? I got an Skylake GA Z170N-Wifi with i3 6100 and 2 sata drives using clover as boot loader. Dual boot with windows is working fine for me but I did not find any solution for this problem so maybe someone here can help me.
  6. fsportnarbeh

    Hide clover and boot straight into Mac

    Hey guys! I'm new to all of this. I've already hidden my bios menu from coming up at boot. Is there a way to hide clover completely and just not show it? I want to make it so when I turn my hackintosh on, all I see in startup is the apple logo.. I don't want to see the countdown or anything...
  7. Ninsto

    Chimera Hide Partiton Trouble

    Chimera Hide Partiton Trouble <SOLVED> :crazy: I have gone nuts trying to find a solution for this i could not for the life of me figure it out help me. This is the diskutil list, the red box highlighted in this picture is the target to make vanish. Here is my Boot Plist. Please help. :yawn...
  8. ThePatafix

    my big clover mistake

    Hello i'm Paul... and I'm French so sorry for my bad english. Today I instal Clover, it work perfectly, but I wand to hide a volume, so I found how to on internet, BUT ! I accidentally hidden my OSX volume so I can't return on my mac to change the configurations of clover. I haven't any ideas...
  9. F

    Using FSTAB to Hide Volumes from OS X Finder

    Cosmetic tweaks are something I rarely revisit, however, from time to time I see people struggling with the question of hiding specific Volumes from their desktop, and Finder windows. Finder preferences don't allow hiding of a specific Volume, instead, they provide an "all-or-nothing" approach...