1. ddaaww

    Stuck on HID: Legacy shi... then Restart

    My computer contains Q170 chipset, i7 6700 CPU, and AMD RX580 graphics card. Now it gets stuck on HID: Legacy shi... and after about 30 seconds it will restart automatically. Attached is my Opencore config.plist. I hope your help, thanks a lot.
  2. cowcowpod

    [Help] internal USB keyboard ACPI remap

    Hi! So I've got an issue. My device, an ASUS FX503VD doesn't seem to have a PS2 keyboard. I've checked in Windows, as well as IOREG, and it appears that my device is on the USB bus. Also, my functions keys appear to be nonstandard for ASUS devices, as my brightness keys are f7 and f8, instead of...
  3. ben130

    Lenovo Yoga 910 I2c Trackpad help

    Hey guys, So now after receiving help from rehabman and others, I was able to get full graphics acceleration on i7-7500u intel hd 620 graphics. I got audio working with multibeast, and now I am trying to get the trackpad to work. If anyone has gotten the i2c to work for lenovo's, please help me...
  4. Obecny

    Asus X99 - power button fix - dsdt edit ?

    Almost perfect system with Asus X99 Deluxe II, 6900k with perfectly working sleep except the power button! The usual _HID to _CID edit in dsdt didn't change anything :( still can't make my hack to go to sleep with press of a power button, is there any other dsdt edit necessary to make it to work...
  5. sermelipharo

    Strange Keyboard/Mouse behaviour [can't use simultaneously]

    [SOLVED. HW Issue] Strange Keyboard/Mouse behaviour [can't use simultaneously] If I hold left mouse button and drag mouse modifier keys stops working. So I can not use option+drag or something in most of apps. I've just updated to El Capitan + Clover from Yosemite + Chameleon, I'm sure it...