1. acidrums4

    [Not a hackintosh, but] Apple Thunderbolt Display won't wake up after HP Elitedesk 800 G4 BIOS update

    Greetings, and please excuse me for my broken english and if this is not the place (or the website) to ask for help, as my gear is not actually a Hackintosh. But as I found this awesome thread about setting it on one of the same workstations I got, it's evident you people have a vast knowledge...
  2. d4vinder

    << Solved >> HP zBook G1 Catalina 10.15.4.

    Hi i have created a working EFI directory for the above mentioned laptop. You can download it here. non-working items: External nvidia display port. SD card reader. working: Everything else.
  3. fapste

    Installing OSX Yosemite on Hp Dv6t 6c19tx

    This is my first time trying any sort of Hackintosh stuff on my machine. I want to install Yosemite on my notebook, however I couldn't find any guides for my machine. I would love some input and help from this community to get yosemite up and running on my laptop. Following are the specs of my...
  4. kevin38423198

    Problems with USB (Mavericks)

    Hi, I have some weird issues with USB in my laptop. I have two USB2 ports, and two USB3 ports. Right after the installation of Yosemite, all USB2 ports are working perfectly. But somehow, after installing the GenericUSBXHCI kext, the USB2 ports stop working, and only one USB3 ports works...
  5. BALA

    Can anyone tell me if i can install MacOS on my Laptop?

    The configuration is Brand - Hp Hewlett-Packard 227ECPU Intel Core i3-4030U@1.90GHzGraphics Intel HD Graphics Family @598MHz - 1024 MBytesOther Hardware CPU- Core Clock Speed- 798.10MHz *8.0 Multiplexer, Cores-2, Threads-4(Supports VT-x), BIOS- Brand - Insyde, Ver- F.12 Memory - 8GBytes DDR3...
  6. poldo-ita

    HP Envy 17 2090el compatibility

    Hello there, I've just discovered this forum, I generally use to visit the Hackintosh site but there is not any forum... I was wondering if I could install any version of OSX on my HP Envy 17 (model 2090el). Specifications: -Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz (6 MB cache L3) -8 GB (2x4 GB)...
  7. madComputerman

    Mac OS X installation disk not launching

    Hi guys, I have a HP Desktop computer with an Intel Processor and I boot up the computer with all startup priorities to CD-ROM otherwise it just boots up windows, and I insert the iBoot disk and boot up the computer then I take out the disk when it comes up with the red apple and replace it...
  8. advancedbasic

    [NEW] Compatibility of HP ENVY 15t-j000 (Haswell)

    Does anyone have an idea if the HP ENVY 15t-j000 would run Mountain Lion? Full specs: http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Laptops/HP-ENVY/E4T17AV?HP-ENVY-15t-j000-Quad-Edition-Notebook-PC. Summarized here: Thanks!
  9. samhaffar

    Is my HP Compaq Presario CQ61 hackable?

    Hello, I currently have Windows 7 64bit installed. I need Mac OS X because I have a project that I must design on MacOSX and I cannot afford buying a new Mac right now. I think paying $50 for a retail DVD would more appropriate. So I've done a brief research on whether or not my laptop can run...
  10. Lightskreen

    Dv6-6047cl cpus=1 problem + chimera not installing

    Hello, this is my first post in the tonymacx86 forum, so greetings! However, I am not unfamiliar with the art of hackintoshing as I have had a desktop with an Asus P5GC MX/1333 motherboard and a Dell latitude D620. I now have a new laptop, an HP dv6-6047cl. I have successfully installed Mountain...