1. karveunit

    help remembering a boot flag

    hello i finally got mojave installed on my t3500 with an gigabyte rx570 8gb, when it boots it will display no signal on my screen, but i can type my password, and enter, move my mouse over where the apple menu is, and navigate to shut down fine with my kb, i just cant see anything...
  2. BLackAndWhite1M

    Running OS X Yosmite with Hp Probook 4540s with windows 8.1 in it

    :ugeek:Hi, am alittle confused about how to run OS X Yosemite and windows 8.1 on the same drive, and my laptop os a Hp probook 4540s ,6GB RAM, 2.6 ghz, 750GB, Switchable Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7650M and Intel HD 4000 :?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?:
  3. darkjake

    Help me squash bugs and errors

    Heyo, I have been having some issues of late with my PC and I believe these are the cause, someone diagnose these errors for me? My computer ca boot but there are a few issues it's Having, (eg sometimes not booting)