help 1st time builder

  1. raou17


    Hi , I am trying to make an hackintosh and I came to this Problem in the title. My specs i5 4460s Intel HD Graphics 4600 8 gb ram Motherboard:LENOVO 3098 ;propietary OPENCORE the video,img of log and text
  2. utopiaman

    Stuck At "OCB: Arch filtering 0(37892)->CB909018(37892) caps 4 - Success"

    I was recently trying to run MacOS Monterey on an i3 2120 RX 470 Build, but whenever I booted from the OpenCore USB, I was greeted by a blank screen with no OpenCore picker, and after a couple of minutes, the build would restart. I then read on some forums that I should try the debug version of...
  3. RajithSanjaya

    Bigsur Random Reboot

    I have preveosly use catlina with my EFI all works fine after upgrade to Big Sur My WIFI,Audio and Camera not works i fixed it By USB Mapping now My Hackingtosh Laptop Randomly Restarting SomeTime
  4. Marksman407

    Having Unknown Issue Booting Catalina to Laptop

    I have my log here, It gets stuck on Panic Diags file unavailable. -System- Lenovo Thinkpad Intel i5-3230M Ivy Bridge Lenovo 68852BU Motherboard Intel HD Graphics 4000 500Gb HDD
  5. vaporisers

    Pls HELP: Stuck in the beginning of catalina installation (hackintosh)

    Sorry this is my first time on hrre, still getting the hang of it, here is my description: I am currently on a hp laptop with windows 11 preinstalled and managed to create a bootable USB file that actually gets until the installtion process ( just started with hackintosh today). Specs: intel...
  6. SlimyMoonrocks

    << Solved >> A "bit" confused by kexts and other things

    Dear Sirs and Ladies, I opened this post because unfortunately I am lost among some tutorials on how to create a bootable USB for High Sierra. I hope someone can help me getting on the right track and finishing my little project. So far I have managed to boot into Clover and start the...
  7. Dimitrow91

    Please help with OpenCore update!

    Hello I updated manually my open core from 6.0 to the latest version but now when I try to boot from it I get stuck at this screen. Do you know what that means? What did I do wrong?
  8. Sololvl0

    Ryzen 5 3600 Hackintosh

    Motherboard: AsRock B450 Steel Legend. Graphic Card: GTX 1060 Processor: Ryzen 5 3600 Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB(8gb x 2) Wifi and Bluetooth: Use TP-Link Adapters Does anyone with the similar build already use it as a Hackintosh? If you guys did make it work. Can you share the EFI files?
  9. alefkheh

    installation of macos could not continue problem

    Hi. This is the first time I want to make my PC a Hackintosh. I know less about these things so If anyone can help I'll be glad so much. This is my EFI file. I have the problem that I cannot start setup and the error (installation of macOS could not continue) comes and I cannot go further. Can...
  10. Utsavoo7


    i have Intel i3 2021 processor Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 motherboard With gforce gt 610 nvidia gc can i install mojove on it Ram ddr3 8gb Hdd 500gb
  11. WindowsXpNerd

    Keeps on running in to problems when booting Big Sur install files

    I have already tried so many times but every single time i failed. I use a VAIO laptop and I have 4 gigs of ram. Before I have fixed a few problems. But this time it kept showing this (picture above). My cpu is a core i5 sandybridge (2th gen) please help.
  12. setasenarr

    << Solved >> Display 3 mb OpenCore 0.6.8 Hackintosh Catalina

    Hello, I really need help on this. I got a pc left on my office and I decided to build Hackintosh. GA-H61M-DS2 Motherboard Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge AMD Radeon HD 7730 I follow the guide on and I succesfully install catalina there. But...
  13. Pepito222

    help with Asus prime z490m-plus and OpenCore "oc: failed to load configuration"

    please, Help, This is my first time so I really need help. Before reading both dortania and tonymac buyers guide I purchased a i5 10400 and a Asus prime Z490M-plus. Before some tries with UnyBeast they told me that clover was not useful with tenth gen and to try with OpenCore, so I did and...
  14. Pemby

    macOS Big Sur Kernel Panic

    Hello! I am fairly new to the Hackintosh community, and I am having difficulties with installing Mac OS Big Sur on my Dell Inspiron 15 5577 laptop. I have a i5 7300HQ processor, and a Nvidia 1050 graphics card. When I boot into Big Sur, I get this: I inserted both because I didn't know which...
  15. EeksBoks7


    I've been trying to install HS on a system but it reboots on 2 mins remaining. i'll install El Cap and update. It spits out this message and reboots: panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801a11cb36): "zone_init: knem_suballoc failed "@/library/caches/" SPECS: EVGA...
  16. jenuldsel

    Ice Lake iGPU Graphics Acceleration not working help!!

    Hey, I installed BigSur using an EFI I found on the internet. Everything works except for the extreme lag and slowness. My specs are below, please help me if you can, I have been struggling for weeks now trying to fix this. ASUS Vivobook s15 i5-10210U RAM: 12 GB dGPU: MX 250 (I have no...
  17. caio.costa

    Help with new notebook setup, what should I buy for Graphic Design and Hackintosh??

    Hi guys, i need some help. I need to buy some notebook for working and studying with graphic design, i am looking for some models also that works with Hackintosh. I have some options but I'm not sure if they works to Hackintosh... I would like some help, I'm thinking about Notebook Acer Aspire...
  18. dots1323

    Trouble Installing dmg Files

    Hey guys, Now that I have 10.14.6 fully up and running, I'm trying to download different programs to my desktop. I downloaded three different programs, but I get an error message when opening up the installer. I have the option to skip and it just takes me to install Adobe flash player and...
  19. dots1323

    Can't Download Apps from Mojave App Store

    Hello internet, I could really use some help! I just finished installing Mojave 10.14.6 on my hackintosh, but every time I try to download something from the Apple Store I just get a spinning circle that turns back into the cloud/get button after a while. Here is everything I've tried so far...
  20. Marcell278

    Monitor gets disconnected

    Upon 3 weeks after finishing my Hackintosh, i've encountered an issue where the monitor randomly would get disconnected (i.e no signal). my specs are as follows: MacOS: Catalina 10.15.5 MOBO: MSI H310M PRO-M2 PLUS CPU: Intel Core i5 9400F GPU: Radeon RX580 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 3000MHz 8GB x2...