1. dhirajgupta

    << Solved >> MPOW M5 bluetooth headset refusing to connect

    I'm using a CSR bluetooth dongle (this one https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00ESCB5OQ/?tag=tonymacx86c0c-20) and it was working well enough for my needs on Mojave. After doing a clean install on Catalina bluetooth continued to seemingly work fine with my magic trackpad, however my bluetooth...
  2. chattes

    Lenovo T440P Audio Headset Jack(Sound Issue)

    Hello, My Hackintosh is almost 95% working correctly. Only problem I face right now is the Audio Headphone jack. When the Headphone/earphone is plugged , noise starts coming . If i restart it might work for sometime but after a while again the noise starts coming and nothing else can be heard...
  3. yuki19

    ALC 280 Headset/Headphone not working (HP Folio 9480m)

    i know there are exception for alc 280 in hp folio 9480m so that the headphone/headset no sound. "To the kext to ALC280 of @zirkaiva I had to add in: Headphones/MuteGPIO=4 in Layout-ID, to your Headphone work, to be honest this is an exception for most the ALC codec for Laptops works without...
  4. otila

    Speaker/Headphone switch problem

    Hi, I have installed (dual-boot) macOS Mojave 10.14.4 (upgraded from High Sierra) on my Dell 7577. Everything works fine for me except I am experiencing a strange audio problem. First, some times audio isn't detected (which is my secondary problem). I tried to see kextstat for appleHDA kexts...
  5. KrishnaR

    Any way to auto-switch source to HDMI when unplugging headphones on VoodooHDA?

    Basically the title says most of my question. I was reluctant to use VoodooHDA after the bad experiences others had, but it was really my only option since not a single audio installation method worked after updating from 10.13.5 to 10.13.6. AppleALC technically worked, but front panel audio had...
  6. borediniraq

    ALC255 Distorted Headphone Audio

    Issue & Scenario: -Distorted audio on headphone port -Run kextstat, no CodecCommander.kext found -Load CodecCommander.kext from S/L/E using kextload after I'm booted up....everything works perfect, no other changes needed. -Reboot -Run kextstat, no CodecCommander.kext found -Copy...
  7. susudio

    A Neat solution:Switch Audio Outputs with a Keyboard Shortcut

    Hi Guys, I wish to share with you a really fast and convenient method to switch between your audio sources, it is best for scenario like most of the users have: having sound cables hooked on both headphones and amplified stereo speakers but don't like to move mouse far away to the small menu...
  8. Ahmedazaizeh

    sound out of headphone jack is bad

    i have sierra on my acer aspire e5-575g and everything works but i noticed that sound out of the speakers is amazing while sound out of my headphones when i plug it is very bad and noisy, like some songs the music is normal but singer voice is far away and things like that, help me please!
  9. awesomeepicguy

    BT not seeing headphones?

    Just installed the apple BCM94360CD, and wifi and bluetooth are both on and working fine. However, the bluetooth is not seeing my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wirelesses. It sees my iPhone, my other iMac, and my MacBook Pro. My iPhone and iMac see it in pairing mode immediately. Whats up?
  10. las12425

    How to fix headphone playback switch after wake from sleep on ALC 1150 (CodecCommander.kext)

    This command brings back headphone switch after sleep on ALC 1150: hda-verb 0x1b SET_UNSOLICITED_ENABLE 0x83 Here is my alc 1150 section in Info.plist (CodecCommander.kext): <key>Realtek ALC1150</key> <dict> <key>Custom Commands</key> <array> <dict>...
  11. DanN7

    Headphone Audio Phase problem (ALC233)

    Hi. I'm using my ASUS TP550LD (Specs in signature) with ALC233. I dump the codec and then I modify the verbs, Platforms.xml, and the layout28.xml until I get the sound. What did I get after a mod: Speaker - OK Jack Sense - OK Microphone - OK (It can record!) Audio after Wake - OK...
  12. R0binvd

    Headphone support ?

    Is there a way to make make computer see the mic in my headset? using: Mavericks GA-Z87X-UD3H
  13. ThatUser

    Audio not working — ALC269

    I’ve got a ALC269 Audio card in my laptop… however, it dosen’t work. I already tried VoodooHDA, but the Headphone Port dosen’t work. Also, http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3619-alc269-vc2-hd/ did not work for me, although it had worked in 10.9, when using “-f” as an boot option. OS X Version...
  14. DanN7

    Brightness control for HD4k 0x01660003

    Asus a46ca Hi, Rehabman. I have an ASUS A46CA and almost work on all with DSDT What it worked: >Integrated Camera >Keyboard and Multi-Touch pad + gestures >Fn (Moved to the Context menu + fx) >Sound (Integrated Speaker + Integrated Mic) >HD4000 (Device-properties 0x01660003)...
  15. DanN7

    How to add "Headphone" option on Apple Output Audio list? - ALC270

    Hi, toleda. Can you tell me how to add "Headphone" option on Output Audio list? I'm using ALC270 + DSDT Thanks for helping :)