1. xtronic11

    HP 9494nr AUDIO and HDMI

    Hi! I managed to install OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 to my laptop ( HP Pavilion HDX 9494nr Dragon) with success. All is working unless built in audio and the HDMI port. I couldn't get them working. The audio is not detected even with VoodooHDA, it says : The extension VoodooHDA could not be used. and...
  2. Kraft2k

    HP HDX 16 - Minor annoyances

    HP HDX 16 - HDMI Audio and WiFi help needed I had this piece of hardware laying around lately due to a faulty LCD Screen making very annoying power noises, i wasnt feeling investing any money on it, and i decided to finally give it an OS X touch since i wasnt using it as my main machine. The...
  3. showkingpup

    Avid Pro Tools HDX system Build (Success) -ASUS P9X79 Pro,

    Showkingpup's AVID HDX Build: Asus P9X79 Pro-Core i7-3930K -32GB - MSI Twin Frozr HD 6870 Components: Apple OS X Lion @ Mac Apps Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/os-x-...44303913?mt=12 ASUS P9X79 PRO LGA 2011 Intel X79 ATX Intel Motherboard Amazon.com: ASUS P9X79 PRO - LGA2011...