1. Alejombc

    No HDMI audio on Catalina 10.15.7 and Big sur 11.1

    Hi, maybe I can find the help I need here, I'm a beginner and English is not my first languaje, so please be patient. I made two hackintosh whit diferents setups (both with Opencore 0.6.5), this are the specis: The one with Catalina Mother: ASUS Z97m-Plus Procesor: Intel Core i5 3.4gh 4th...
  2. V

    i7-6700k is using Intel 530 HDMI Audio is not working help.

    My front and rear audio ports are working but audio through HDMI is not working, I'm currently using iGPU Intel HD 530 as GPU help please :D. I use only one audio kext is VoodooHDA.kext, I've tried many method to fix HDMI audio but still doesn't work. OSX Version 10.13.6. Sorry I wrote wrong...
  3. Karl-Hungus

    (Solved) ALC892 and audio_cloverHDMI-130_v0.8.command: Problems getting AppleHDA patched for GTX 970

    I'm trying to sort out my HDMI Audio and the last time I used Lilu.kext and AppleALC previously, I needed the ALC892 directory inside /Clover/Kexts/Other in order to run audio_cloverALC-130_v0.5.command and audio_cloverHDMI-130_v0.8.command. Anyway, I just installed ALC892 using Multibeast...
  4. nerioth

    HDMI Audio on R9 280X Sapphire

    Hi guys I got my hackintosh to work smoothly today, the only thing I can't get to work is the HDMI audio on my card. I have already tried to install the kext and with my installation in EFI worked, but the performance of the graphic card was horrible. I decided to switch to normal installation +...