1. hackbyyuri

    AppleALC HD4000 ALC887 no HDMI Audio

    I've installed Catalina on Asus VivoPC VC60(CPU: i5-3210m, GPU: HD4000, AUDIO: ALC887), everything works including sound over headphones, but AUDIO over HDMI I cannot find a way to fix it. Outputs of PC are 3.5mm headphone, optical, HDMI and miniDP
  2. diep90.nguyen

    HDMI output no option 1440p Hd4400

    Hi, I'm using Dell E7440. Everything works fine but only the extenal monitor does work with the full resolution. My external monitor is 2k 1440p but in the setting of macOS only shows 1080p as the highest resolution. Any idea? I'm using lily and whatevergreen. I also attached my EFI. Thank you.
  3. zxy-boy

    HDMI Aduio not working on Catalina 10.15.2 ?

    Hi guys, I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my acer aspire v5 T5000 laptop. Everything works, except HDMI audio. I want to extend the second monitor using HDMI. I can’t get it right no matter what I try, and I’ve tried every guide I’ve found. Here are my specs: acer aspire v5 T5000 Intel...
  4. BlvckBytes

    HDMI Audio

    Hey! I've followed this tutorial the best I could: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-intel-igpu-hdmi-dp-audio-all-sandy-bridge-kaby-lake-and-likely-later.189495/ What I did: * "hda-gfx"="onboard-1" on HDEF and IGPU * working layout-id on HDEF * framebuffer patches on IGPU *...
  5. victoriel

    screen display bug after wake up mac

    Hello, I have a NUC8i3BEH with 2 SSD crucial + x2 RAM Crucial 2400MHZ DDR4, When i wake up my hackintosh he do this bug/flash every 2 seconds. And if i unplug HDMI to another display i have the same bug with a blackscreen and whiteNoise. See the vidéo uploaded on ultrawide (2560x1080) ...
  6. jzayas7

    HDMI restarts laptop after change the SMBIOS

    I have an HP pavilion x360 (i5 7100U, HD620 graphics) working everything but the Wifi-Bluetooth card (right now im using an external USB one). When I first installed, the SMBIOS was an iMac 27' I used the HDMI port and worked, but had problems with trackpad, brightness control and lid behavior...
  7. theStyg

    Clover Bootloader on incorrect screen, problems with primary display - RX 580

    Hello. I'm running two monitors - primary is 2K, secondary is 1080p - via HDMI on an AMD RX 580 8GB. The Clover Bootloader boots to the secondary monitor, which is fine by itself but I notice certain applications (Logic Pro X) sometimes boot to that secondary screen because of this. Sometimes...
  8. Z0HAN

    Display identified, GPU acceleration works, But still no HDMI signal!

    i5 8400 ASUS PRIME B360M-A UHD 630 I have patched connectors with hackintool. But still no signal through HDMI. I connected through remote desktop connection and saw that my monitor is identified by the OS. So clearly the connection is working. iGPU acceleration is also working! But why still...
  9. jcrcarmo

    No HDMI audio - Intel HD 520 Graphics - macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    Hello guys, I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my Lenovo Ideapad 300-15isk laptop. Everything works, except HDMI audio. I can’t get it right no matter what I try, and I’ve tried every guide I’ve found. I was able to patch AppleHDA.kext and sound is working great, but still no HDMI audio in...
  10. WangRicky

    USB-C to HDMI adapter NOT WORING

    Hi there,my laptop has two TB3 port,no HDMI port,so I ues a USB-C to HDMI adapter for monitor,but when I plugging monitor HDMI in adapter,It's not working,then I try to plugging the monitor before boot laptop,It's not working too,and I get a kext panic. My TB3 is Intel Titan Ridge JHL7540...
  11. kali2000

    Laptop reboots when use HDMI

    @RehabMan Hi again... I'm update my old config.plist to patch my laptop with new methods... all work fine. Only I have a little problem with may HDMI connection, when use it my laptop reboots. Please see you my problem reporting files and tell me... Thanks in advance. PD. I've noticed that I...
  12. dominikzorgie

    Need working EFI RX 5700 +370/390 Catalina 10.15.1

    Hi guys, may u send to me working EFI. Prefer from AsRock Z370, but all Z300 series be fine. My RX not working properly, DP not working, only HDMI but with lags. Thanks!
  13. NONITS

    No Image on Laptop screen on wake but output on HDMI works

    I have a Razer Blade Stealth 2019 (Whiskey Lake i7 8565u) running Catalina. And I have everything I need working perfectly except the weird sleep issue below: If the laptop is put to sleep by clicking sleep or closing the lid the internal display stops functioning except for backlight The OS...
  14. macdz

    How to disable HDMI Audio Post Catalina installation.

    I need to disable the apple audio driver for HDMI and user the voodha audio driver. how to do this? I tried to remove kext from clover and the system library but it won't work. on boot randomly the voodha driver will work till next boot, but most of the time it is the HDMI driver from apple. how...
  15. Hex0S

    No hdmi output on UHD630

    Hello. there is my first truble on this forum. this is my console log when i connect hdmi to the Hackintosh Hackintosh based on Lenovo ideacentre 530 AIO: Mac os Mojave Intel Core I7 8Gen Intel UHD 630 & Amd Radeon 530
  16. jamesxxx1997

    Kernel panic after connect external monitor via usb type c to HDMI dongle

    Hi , everyone. My laptop is thinkpad x1 yoga 2018. i7-8650u uhd 620 External monitor is vx2476 smhd , 1080p , 60fps. When connecting monitor through HDMI port , it works normally. However , kernel panic happens when connect monitor through type C to HDMI dongle. Any help is appreciated , thanks.
  17. smilence

    Solved > nVidia gPU in High Sierra, can see the audio controller but not sound output?

    I have a Z390 + GTX1070 + i5-8400 system working in High Sierra 10.13.6. Everything seems working fine except the hdmi audio. I did put Lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext under kexts/other, and i dont have any other audio related kext installed. And i was able to see the gpu audio controller in...
  18. NemesissLin

    Dell Inspiron 7590 HDMI output no signal

    Hi all, I'm working with configuring mojave on my Dell Inspiron 7590(A new model, not XPS 7590, its configuration is on my profile). Now everything works well except HDMI output issue. I had followed the guide...
  19. balder16

    Solved > Mojave 10.14.5 reboots when HDMI monitor turns on

    So everything was working just fine on 10.14.4, but ever since I upgraded to 10.14.5 I have this annoying thing going on: whenever the monitor goes to sleep, when you click ot type and the monitor awakes, the PC reboots. I tried maybe setting the monitor to never sleep, and turn it off in the...
  20. Mudassar

    Intel HD 4400 HDMI no signal Inspiron 3542

    Hi there... I'm using hackintosh more than a year. I tried attaching other screen with my laptop using HDMI port but not working It blinks display for 1 second and than nothing happens. What should i do.