1. amiart

    10.9 asus g60vx laptop cpus=1 nvidia gtx260m- no hdmi/hdmi freezes os

    Hello everyone, i have successfully installed osx mavericks booting with chameleon and have full graphics acceleration, wireless(with usb) and audio. My main problem that whenever i connect a display to my hdmi port it freezes osx. and i still need to boot with cpu=1 any ideas? Ive tried...
  2. jc123

    External HDMI monitor not recognized

    My HDMI port is at AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1. The connector type is correct at <00 08 00 00>, but when I plug in the HMDI cable it doesn't show a display under that specific AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1, or in the Mac display settings. The monitor does however realize that it's been plugged in and pops...
  3. ChazAshley

    HDMI doesn't work at all on Kaby Lake UHD 620

    Hi there, my CPU is i5-8250U and when I plug HMDI cord in my laptop and in my monitor - nothing happens at all. The cord is functioning because I was using it when my laptop had linux installed and everything worked okay. Here is what I've tried to do: 1. In the DSDT section of my config.plist...
  4. Yao89

    Z97 ALC892 all macOS sound on screen

    Hey, I'm quite new on hackintosh, and I've successfully install High Sierra on my desktop 6 month ago. For now, all worked pretty well, except when I tried to boot on a RTX ... After 1 hour, I finally read all the thread talking about no compatibility... Description of audio problem Anyway...
  5. aldoalfalus

    Can't go desktop when HDMI is connected at the first boot

    This is the only problem that I have not been able to finish since playing hackintosh. The problem is that my laptop can't go to the desktop when it is connected to HDMI when before booting. But the problem was not encountered when plugging HDMI when it was on the desktop. At first I thought...
  6. arthurfs010

    Solved > HDMI Motherboard not working (Gigabyte z390 gaming x and i7-8700k)

    Hello, I have a problem with my new hackintosh. I'm trying to boot the SSD where I installed Mac OS, but when I get to the boot screen of Mac, just after half of the video signal is lost. Booting from the thumb drive I used for installation, it works normally, but the video is bugged in some...
  7. DragoSpiro98

    Lilu doesn't work

    Hi everyone, I installed Lilu, WhateverGreen (I removed NvidiaGraphicsFixup), AppleALC and AirportBrcmFixup in /L/E (with KextBeast and after I used Kext Utility to repair permissions and rebuilding caches). Now I have 4 output channel but they don't work. What can I do? I followed this guide...
  8. GustavoUHD

    does a DVI-D to HDMI adapter work with Mojave? (HD 630)

    i would like to know if i would be able to get working graphics/video signal if i connect my DVI-D monitor in my HD Graphics 630 by using a DVI-D to HDMI adapter My motherboard is a H110M-H DDR3, and it just has VGA and HDMI My monitor has VGA and DVI-D connectors
  9. nivekc711

    Monitor not working - Asus VS228

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my current setup. Boots fine when connected via HDMI to an old TV I have, and when I switch the connected HDMI to my newly acquired Asus VS228 (recommended in the buyer's guide) it works perfectly as well. However when I try to boot while connected to the Asus...
  10. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Anyone had success with UHD 620 HDMI audio?

    I'm using a DELL Inspiron 5370 which is a 0x5917 spoofed as 0x5916. I am getting a very unstable audio (almost non-existent) over HDMI. I have audio over Internal speakers and I also have HDMI audio in windows. If anyone was able to get HDMI audio working with UHD 620, (0x5916 or 0x5917)...
  11. BlvckBytes

    USB-C Adapter | Duo HDMI is just mirroring

    Hey guys! This is just something that has been bothering me for a long time... So, OSX has this issue where, even on a REAL macbook, you can't daisychain displays or use any adapters with multiple video outputs. The only possible way I was able to get two screens connected to my 2013 MBP...
  12. Sbug98

    HDMI NOT WORKING-Hackintosh High Sierra

    So I've recently managed to make an hackintosh to boot on my computer. The original plan was to make a dual screen set-up but my HDMI output isn't recognized at all even if I try to boot with only the HDMI connected to the GPU. All I'm getting is a black screen after the apple logo. do you guys...
  13. Lucky69

    [solved] Mojave Laptop HDMI port no signal and reboots upon connecting cable.

    Hi, I have followed the guides are: The laptop is using @RehabMan plist files, Realtek 8101 and ps/2 kext for touchpad and keyboard. it is also using VooDooHDA V2.90 for...
  14. ipiPObreve

    HELP with brightness, hdmi and battery

    Hi I'm new at this world of hackintoshing, but I successfully installed latest version of mojave on my LG Gram 15z970, but I don't know what is wrong with my clover folder that I can't have none of these working, I already follow the guides to battery and brightness of Rehab but with no...
  15. chris41188

    HDMI won't connect on Mojave, Intel HD530

    Hi I installed Mojave 10.14.2 on my Alienware 15 r3, however HDMI doesnt seem to be working, no video, nothing happens when connecting It using the Intel HD 530 integrated grpahics and not the gtx1070 Any ideas? I read the guides and read me first section but no luck, do I need a certain kext...
  16. tao

    [HELP] - HDMI Not Working With External Monitor

    hey all, i have a successful hackintosh running High sierra on a hp omen laptop everything works besides wifi(which i don't care about) and the hdmi port . my laptop is using optimus and the hdmi is linked to my gtx 1050 ti not the igfx how can i get the hdmi port to work with an external...
  17. dock1100

    Build Asus H370-I, 9600k Mojave. Issues with usb, HDMI, hibernation, sensors

    Hi, I am working on my build with the following config: ASUS ROG STRIX H370-I GAMING (onboard WiFi replaced with BCM94352, bios version 1404) Intel Core i5-9600K (in order to boot with this CPU, you must update bios to at least 0803 version) 2x Kingston 16 GB DDR4 2400Hz Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB...
  18. JingleDjango

    RX580 Interference/Visual Noise (Mojave)

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a graphical issue before I send my new GPU back for a replacement. -I bought a new display for a CustoMac mATX build (100% based on the Buyer's Guide). -The display is a BenQ 28 inch 4K HDR Monitor (EL2870U). -GPU is a Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB, as per the Buyer's...
  19. axcell2

    Macos high Sierra dual monitor

    I did installed the mac high Sierra on my windows pc.. I have problems detecting my second monitor from the gpu gtx1060 6gb the Nvidia drivers are working fine but my second screen on dport and on hdmi does not work no signal at all.. my main display is on dvi btw.. I uploaded my config.plist...
  20. angiolone

    Gigabyte Z170x Gaming-5 Mojave - HDMI audio issue with Voodoo

    Hi guys, I'm successfully running Mojave on my Z170x Gaming-5 with no patches. Everything works out of the box, except for Audio and sleep. I was able to get the Audio working installing the Voodoo kext. However I'm struggling getting an HDMI output, the port is recognised as you can see in...