1. Hex0S

    No hdmi output on UHD630

    Hello. there is my first truble on this forum. this is my console log when i connect hdmi to the Hackintosh Hackintosh based on Lenovo ideacentre 530 AIO: Mac os Mojave Intel Core I7 8Gen Intel UHD 630 & Amd Radeon 530
  2. jamesxxx1997

    Kernel panic after connect external monitor via usb type c to HDMI dongle

    Hi , everyone. My laptop is thinkpad x1 yoga 2018. i7-8650u uhd 620 External monitor is vx2476 smhd , 1080p , 60fps. When connecting monitor through HDMI port , it works normally. However , kernel panic happens when connect monitor through type C to HDMI dongle. Any help is appreciated , thanks.
  3. smilence

    Solved > nVidia gPU in High Sierra, can see the audio controller but not sound output?

    I have a Z390 + GTX1070 + i5-8400 system working in High Sierra 10.13.6. Everything seems working fine except the hdmi audio. I did put Lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext under kexts/other, and i dont have any other audio related kext installed. And i was able to see the gpu audio controller in...
  4. NemesissLin

    Dell Inspiron 7590 HDMI output no signal

    Hi all, I'm working with configuring mojave on my Dell Inspiron 7590(A new model, not XPS 7590, its configuration is on my profile). Now everything works well except HDMI output issue. I had followed the guide...
  5. balder16

    Solved > Mojave 10.14.5 reboots when HDMI monitor turns on

    So everything was working just fine on 10.14.4, but ever since I upgraded to 10.14.5 I have this annoying thing going on: whenever the monitor goes to sleep, when you click ot type and the monitor awakes, the PC reboots. I tried maybe setting the monitor to never sleep, and turn it off in the...
  6. Mudassar

    Intel HD 4400 HDMI no signal Inspiron 3542

    Hi there... I'm using hackintosh more than a year. I tried attaching other screen with my laptop using HDMI port but not working It blinks display for 1 second and than nothing happens. What should i do.
  7. HackinMax

    All hacks will not turn on monitor when waking - one randomly logs out after update

    After putting it off for some time, I finally felt emboldened to update all of my systems to 10.14.16 MasterZee (Using iMac 18,3)was at 10.14.3 SonOfZee and FinalZee (using MacMini 8,1) were at 10.14.4 FractalMonolith (using iMac 19,1) was at 10.14.5 (FinalZee is currently undergoing a case and...
  8. jcbroncanoc01

    High Sierra doesn't boot when a DVI link is connected, only HDMI [Nvidia GTX 970]

    Hi! I have installed High Sierra on my PC with the next configuration: - Gigabyte GA H97M D3H - Intel Core i5 4690 - Nvidia GTX 970 4 GB - 8 GB RAM System works fine, even graphics and sleep... but only with one monitor connected throw HDMI. If I try to connect another monitor with a DVI link...
  9. Bon3

    Intel UHD 630 DP/HDMI Dual Monitor Issue

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me out here: I have everything working on my new Lenovo M920x that runs Q370 chipset, got an fully working DSDT the only thing im missing is the HDMI port so i can get dual monitors. The DP is working perfectly :) SMBIOS is set to iMac 18,1 since it's an Coffee...
  10. Andyapple

    HDMI Not working on Intel 520 on Acer Aspire F 15

    Hi, I would like to fix my hdmi output on my Acer Aspire F 15 Laptop. When I connect the cable the laptop monitor gets black and i have to shut it down with the button. I have also noticed that if i turn on the laptop with the hdmi cable arleady in, the secondary monitor works but the latptop...
  11. unknowdj

    Samsung Odyssey - HDMI audio not work

    Sorry, you can use google translator, it's not a complete HDMI audio system, audio works with LILU + WATERGREEN + APPLE ALC + Layout 13 or 5, HDMI was enabled through the 306-> 105 patch, but the audio does not work without HDMI. @RehabMan could you please help me?
  12. jc123

    no external HDMI recognition - intel HD630 laptop

    I got a new monitor at work because I've been cranking my neck to look down at my laptop screen all day and i'm not getting any detection at all through hdmi. Tried enabling graphics/inject/intel in config.plist. tried using nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext because it fixed a similar issue for someone...
  13. QuantumFluctuator

    Issues with RX 580 on HP Z800

    So I had a fully working Z800 with 2x Intel Xeon X5680 and an R9 270 on both 10.12.6 and 10.13.6 both of which worked fine, however I have recently installed a Powercolor RX 580 which supposedly works OOB from 10.12.6 and up, but it seems to have caused a lot of issues. First of all, in both...
  14. papadiche

    Toggle VoodooHDA + Mount EFI

    Hi all, I'm sure no one will need these scripts but I built them and thought I'd share. For each file, remove .txt and run the following command in Terminal: sudo chmod u+x <path of script file> Toggle VoodooHDA: > Mounts your macOS EFI > Checks if VoodooHDA.kext is in...
  15. jamezhamez

    Nvidia GPU only works on HDMI external display

    On my hackintosh build, I've installed the web drivers and everything is working (I think...). However, the GPU only connects when I connect an external display into my laptop, does that mean if I want to run apps using the GPU I have to use it only on the external display? I have a Xiaomi...
  16. amiart

    10.9 asus g60vx laptop cpus=1 nvidia gtx260m- no hdmi/hdmi freezes os

    Hello everyone, i have successfully installed osx mavericks booting with chameleon and have full graphics acceleration, wireless(with usb) and audio. My main problem that whenever i connect a display to my hdmi port it freezes osx. and i still need to boot with cpu=1 any ideas? Ive tried...
  17. jc123

    External HDMI monitor not recognized

    My HDMI port is at AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1. The connector type is correct at <00 08 00 00>, but when I plug in the HMDI cable it doesn't show a display under that specific AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1, or in the Mac display settings. The monitor does however realize that it's been plugged in and pops...
  18. ChazAshley

    HDMI doesn't work at all on Kaby Lake UHD 620

    Hi there, my CPU is i5-8250U and when I plug HMDI cord in my laptop and in my monitor - nothing happens at all. The cord is functioning because I was using it when my laptop had linux installed and everything worked okay. Here is what I've tried to do: 1. In the DSDT section of my config.plist...
  19. Yao89

    Z97 ALC892 all macOS sound on screen

    Hey, I'm quite new on hackintosh, and I've successfully install High Sierra on my desktop 6 month ago. For now, all worked pretty well, except when I tried to boot on a RTX ... After 1 hour, I finally read all the thread talking about no compatibility... Description of audio problem Anyway...
  20. aldoalfalus

    Can't go desktop when HDMI is connected at the first boot

    This is the only problem that I have not been able to finish since playing hackintosh. The problem is that my laptop can't go to the desktop when it is connected to HDMI when before booting. But the problem was not encountered when plugging HDMI when it was on the desktop. At first I thought...