hdmi audio

  1. jcrcarmo

    No HDMI audio - Intel HD 520 Graphics - macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    Hello guys, I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my Lenovo Ideapad 300-15isk laptop. Everything works, except HDMI audio. I can’t get it right no matter what I try, and I’ve tried every guide I’ve found. I was able to patch AppleHDA.kext and sound is working great, but still no HDMI audio in...
  2. b.nurzaman

    Solved > HELP HDMI audio and graphic problem Asus x450jf

    please help……I have problem with my HDMI both audio and graphic, I use Asus x450jf laptop running macOS Mojave 10.14.6, Spec : - INTEL I7 4700HQ - INTEL HD 4600 / GEFORCE 745M disable - Asus laptop x450jf -smbios MacBook Pro 11,2 - the problem is if I put in HDMI cable (...
  3. papadiche

    Toggle VoodooHDA + Mount EFI

    Hi all, I'm sure no one will need these scripts but I built them and thought I'd share. For each file, remove .txt and run the following command in Terminal: sudo chmod u+x <path of script file> Toggle VoodooHDA: > Mounts your macOS EFI > Checks if VoodooHDA.kext is in...
  4. paolino24

    no HDMI audio on gtx 1050

    hi! i have just installed mac os High Sierra on my machine but i can't get the HDMI audio driver to work. i have already installed the AppleALC driver and i can't get it to work, how can i do?
  5. colinzeal

    Adjust HDMI Volume with Soundflower

    Has anyone else seen or tried this? https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/use-mac-volume-keys-adjust-monitor-audio/
  6. KrishnaR

    Any way to auto-switch source to HDMI when unplugging headphones on VoodooHDA?

    Basically the title says most of my question. I was reluctant to use VoodooHDA after the bad experiences others had, but it was really my only option since not a single audio installation method worked after updating from 10.13.5 to 10.13.6. AppleALC technically worked, but front panel audio had...
  7. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Mojave AMD HDMI Audio (HD 7730)

    Hi all, I'm having problem with HDMI Audio on Mojave. My working config on High Sierra does not work on Mojave. These are methods I used: - Lilu (lastest release) + WhateverGreen (lastest release) - InjectATI + FakeID + Specify FB name => Combo Inject ATI - Custom SSDT fixes + Connector Patch...
  8. sonicseamus

    Upgrading Old Build from Chimera/Yosemite

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on these forums! I have an aging but still kicking Z68 build that I've been lazy about updating but am now planning on getting to the latest and greatest. I hear OS upgrades are cake once you're on Clover, so I figure I might as well update to High...
  9. OverTheReminds

    HDMI Audio not working on GTX 1060 6B

    Hi everybody, I'm here cause I'm trying to make my HDMI audio work on my GTX 1060 (6GB). I tried with VooDooHDA (downloaded an installer and ran it) and it didn't work. Also when I go in sound options I can't see any input or output devices listed. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!
  10. asexymind

    how to delete AppleHDA.kext - in use (for hmdi audio fix)

    while trying to fix hdmi audio in macpro 2012 running osx 10.13.6, I downloaded the "fix" AppleHDA.kext and an HDMIAudio.kext. using kextbeast, I attempt to install them in system\library\extensions. HDMIAudio.kext installs fine. AppleHDA.kext does not install (because kextbeast won't overwrite...
  11. brianwong11031

    [HELP] How can I enable HDMI audio with NVIDIA GTX 750Ti?

    How can I enable HDMI audio with Nvidia gtx 750ti? Here is the problem reporting file:
  12. kouta77

    KabyLake HDMI audio not working

    hi, I have my display and integrate audio working great, but HDMI-audio is not working no matter what I do. I have search for this and tried almost every solution out there. I have a 7th gen kabylake i5-7200u -intelHD 620- (its a Huawei Matebook-x) I've tried cloverHDMI kext and stuff...check...
  13. Chuck23

    HDMI or DP Nvidia Pascal Audio

    Hello, I have a Nvidia 1060 Pascal card installed on the MacOS 10.13.5 rig. Neither the HDMI or the DP audio is working. I have tried several methods from this forum, the only one with worked was the VodooHDA 2.9.1 with gives full HDMI audio with the only exception that I cannot select the...
  14. SamTheMacPakRat

    Problems with Audio/HDMI audio

    Hello it’s my first time on the forum, I’m having a couple issues with audio and I’m thinking I probably misconfigured something. The first issue is the audio devices are inconsistent, sometimes I get four different HDMI audio devices but then after rebooting sometimes I get only the line...
  15. LO1410

    [HELP] I have problems to enable the HDMI audio of my GTX 1050 Ti

    Hello everyone, This is the first time that I have entered the world of the Hackintosh, and I am still learning many things, even so, I have managed to get a fairly stable Hackintosh (macOS High Sierra 10.13.4) but I can not enable the HDMI audio of my GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, the method I am...
  16. Incredibile1213

    DP Audio work only when it wants....

    Hi, I have a strange problem in my third hack.... I'm using z370-hd3p, intel i7-8700k, GTX1080 I have ALC1220 and I use AppleALC with ID 1 or 11 and the PEG0 ssdt for nvidia. Sometimes after reboot I can see my monitor hdmi audio in system preferences>sound, but other times (often) I can't see...
  17. squidder

    How can I enable HDMI without losing HDA?

    Hi Toleda, Wonder if you can suggest something that will address this issue. I have tried the VoodooHDA.kext/VoodooHDAa.kext suggested fixes and neither of them help. In the case of VoodooDHA - no change at all to my existing Audio and in the case of VoodooHDAa.kext Voodoo basically replaced my...
  18. WormLice

    How do I uninstall Voodoo?

    Voodoo is outputting an audio with a crackling noise somewhat often, and thus I want to uninstall it in order to install native HDMI audio instead. Tried deleting the kexts listed here but the audio is still working ;-;. What should I do? Maybe the problem is on the Kernel Cache? (High Sierra)
  19. canalh3

    HDMI audio on gtx 970 10.13.04

    Hi there, I'm trying to install hdmi audio o my hackintosh for more than a week. I've tried everything on internet and I would appreciate some help :) after running audio_cloverHDMI-130.command I got the following output: Last login: Sat Apr 21 08:30:09 on ttys000 Fernandos-iMac:~...
  20. rbuylla

    Hdmi card and wireless keyboard

    Hi! I want to update my build with a graphic card witch supports hdmi audio with no struggle and also add a wireless keyboard with tracked like the Logitech models. Please send me your ideas. Thanks