hdd issue

  1. chernobylguy

    ASUS P8H77-V Disks won't show up

    Hi there! It's my first Hackintosh, so I'm still trying to figure this one out. I saw that my system should be compatible, so I've decided to try it out. But when I boot from USB Disk Utility can't see my HDDs. Any of them. Right now they're all NTFS. My System: Motherboard: ASUS P8H77-V CPU...
  2. mauroenass

    HFS+ and NTFS HDDs problem - corrupt and missing files when dual boot and Paragon software use

    Hi. This is a bit of a weird one and it involves HDDs and file systems. I have a build of High Sierra working perfectly from day one. But now and then I boot in my Windows 10 SSD to update the GPU (AMD Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB) and once to configure my LED lights on the motherboard (Gigabyte...
  3. YanDue28

    Internal HDD speed only around 80mb/s

    Hi everyone, I recently build a hackintosh. The components can be seen below. Because I had troubles with the USB 3.0 perfomance I benchmarked everything until I finally figured out what was bottlenecking the USB speeds. Eventho the USB speed is now correct, my internal HDD is toping out at...
  4. TheHarshHackintosher

    Sata HDD won't show up in OS X El Capitan Installation

    My Hard Drive doesn't show up in the installer tab, disk utility, or terminal. The only thing that shows up is the USB. System information doesn't see any Serial ATA devices either. I tried different Hard Drives and different SATA Ports, the HDD also shows up in bios and my PC detects it. My...
  5. mherrera

    [Help] HP Envy 15-as002la HDD dont recognized

    Thanks to the all community for this amazing database of knowledge. Recently bought a brand new HP Envy 15-as001la with this specs.(Taken from Cpu-Z) CPU: Intel Core i5 6200U Skylake MOBO: HP 81CC with Insyde Bios Ver. F.08 RAM: 12 GB HDD: HGST HTS541010A7E630 GPU: Intel HD Graphics 520 I'm...
  6. Germanko

    Installer Does Not Recognize Hard Drive

    I make USB installer from this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E68QVFq4-c&feature=plcp ... because I can't run unibeast in VM) but when I lunch disk utility it don't show me my HDD :( I try some methods but nothing work... I have MSI CX600 laptop - specs: IntelCore 2 Duo T6600, ATI...