1. NiklasTs

    AMD Radeon HD7870 OC Catalina compatibility

    Hello, Right now I'm on Sierra because of compatibility issues with my Geforce 750 TI. I could get an AMD Radeon HD7870 OC from a friend and I would like to know if anyone has experience with putting this specific card in a hackintosh. And if it does work, whcih Kexts and drivers would I have to...
  2. TheDen9

    I don't know much about this ..

    Hello people from the tonymacx86 forum, I've seen that there are some great people out here. That's also one of the reasons I'm gonna ask this question on here. My PC parts are: Motherboard: Intel DX58SO CPU: Intel core i7 950 GPU: Club3D HD7870 2GBDDR5 Memory: 6GB of DDR 3RAM Wifi adapter...
  3. moswei

    Strange graphics glitch on Yosemite with HD 7870 Tahiti LE. Any ideas?

    Strange graphics glitch on Yosemite with HD 7870 Tahiti LE. Hi, first poster here... I've recently updated my customac from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Yosemite 10.10.5 to take advantage of the better graphics handling of another GPU - the VTX3D HD7870 black edition (Tahiti LE) The install was...
  4. Apicedda

    i5 3450 - z77 pro3 - HD7870

    hi guys, i was wondering if i can install os x on thi pc. here are the specs: cpu: i5 3450 mobo: z77 pro3 vga: HD7870 HDD: 1tb wd caviar blue RAM: 8gb vengeance 1600mhz ... i know i have to patch the bios, should i do anything else? will i be able to do a dual boot? should i delete my current...
  5. Charisma

    Problem with HD7870 / GT240

    Hi everybody! I hope thats the right place for my matter. And, sorry for the grammar i am from Germany. Its my first experience with Hackintosh today, i own a real MacBook Air, but i wanted my PC to transform to a Mac. My Hardware: - Asus P6T SE - i7 960 Stock - AMD HD7870 - nVidia GT240...