1. moxiiru

    macOS High Sierra on Dell Inspiron 5548.

    hi guys, i want a little help from you.Since yesterday I started to do a high Sierra installation on my Dell, but the installation ends and everything is cute and all. but every time I boot the OS, the Intel graphics card always looks like 7mb .. I understand that there is a way to correct it...
  2. kessinger

    Catalina pre-installation error

    I'm trying to update macOS high seirra to macOS catalina on my laptop but installation get stuck at [IGPU] Graphics drivers failed to load.
  3. PacMan

    Solved > Booting Time - Dell Inspiron 7548

    Hello, I have updated to macOS Catalina 10.15.1 successfully but it takes more than a minute to boot to the system. Checking the output of the boot process the line AGDCC: Unauthorized client 'PerfPowerService'...
  4. Ipugss

    [HELP] HD5500 On High Sierra 10.13.6 ,How to work normally?

    there are have someone can help me? you can give me some guides or url , thanks for you help!!!
  5. PacMan

    Solved > Sleep issues Mojave - Dell Inspiron - HD5500

    Hi, I have two main issues with sleep on my computer that I'm not been able to fix. I watched many posts but the solutions didn't help me at all. In the first case the laptop doesn't even enter to sleep, but the display turns off and I can't wake the computer up so I'm forced to hard reboot...
  6. MarceloFAlves

    [IGPU] Graphics driver failed to load - Vostro 5480

    I installed Mojave in my notebook and I could not make the intel graphics card and audio work and would like help solving it.
  7. BlueStargal

    Unable to complete macOS installation (using clover)

    Hello, please, apologies for this total newbie post. I have tried for a couple of days to install macOS High Sierra on my Asus Zenbook UX303LN-DQ282H i7-5500U Northbridge Intel Broadwell-U rev. 09 Southbridge Intel Broadwell-U PCH L-P rev. 03 HD5500, NV840M I came so far following...
  8. alibaltschun

    help preinstall panic cpu i5 5200 hd5500 ssd kingfast25gb asus a555ln

    hello i have some issue i following this tutorial with asus a555ln i5 5200u 840m kingfast 250gb ssd but i have problem with first boot / preinstall osx
  9. ViciousHan

    X1 Carbon 2015 Stuck on "missing bluetooth controller transport"

    Hi all, The problem is as described in the title. Through reading many threads I know this has something to do with graphics injection. My laptop comes with HD5500. According to the system, it has 128MB dedicated memory. So I did not change anything in the BIOS. As of the EFI files, please...
  10. bloodman376

    [solved] macOS Sierra - Issues with HD 5500 QHD+ Display (Asus UX303LA)

    I've been trying to install Sierra on my laptop and had a few issues here and there but I managed to get a lot of things working. Currently the display is having a lot of issues and I've read a couple of guides which use EDID and different patches but nothing has really worked so far. If I use...
  11. fr0n1k

    Can't reach macOS Sierra installer on V3-371-52QE

    Hi! i have made an bootable usb, than tryes to launch install process of Sierra and got this errors, can anyone help me? I've used createinstall method, mac os was downloaded from the app store from my mac. With the el capitan installation i got no problems.. Acer v3-371-52QE, i5-5200u...
  12. frankkint

    [solved] El Capitan - Intel HD5500 Graphics not working in Dell Inspiron 5558 Core i7 5500U

    System Specs: Model: Dell Inspiron 5558 CPU: Core i7 5500U RAM: 16GB Graphics: nVidia 920M (which is disabled by nv_disable=1 boot argument) / Intel HD5500 Problem: I was able to install El Capitan on my system using Rehabman's config.plist for HD5500. I had to disable inject intel in order...
  13. fivos1996

    Strange kernel panic after injecting HD 5500?

    Hi folks. I have been trying for months now to get my Intel HD 5500 to work. I feel safe to say that I have tried everything! (Many config files, ig platform IDs, RehabMan's config etc). I don't have the common DVMT lock problem that almost everyone has. But I get strange kernel panics and...
  14. TheRootkit

    [solved] Intel HD 5500 not working

    Hello guys! I really have a big problem with my Intel HD5500... I'm using the config.plist from Rehabman and made a Boot stick using his Laptop guide. I enabled the minstolen patch from the config.plist but everytime I boot the installer I get a kernel panic, if I delete the ig.platform.id the...
  15. Fiaring

    Lenovo t450s, hd5500 external display problem

    Hi On my Lenovo t450s with hd 5500 using 0x16260006 and name:AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer find:8945C839C7764F replace:8945C839C7EB4F This works great on my integrated display and with the built in minidport. Vga on laptop does not work, osx detects display but displays black. non of the...
  16. narunc

    [solved] AppleIntelController.cpp causes a panic on OSX shutdown (Intel HD5500)

    Hi guys, I tried to do a fresh install of Sierra. My BIOS is locked so I can't change the DVMT-prealloc value with the EFI shell. I got my Intel HD5500 to work by setting a ig-platform-id value in Clover with inject Intel option enabled, and applying some kext patches as instructed in other...
  17. sithinjatyler

    HDMI works intermittently HD 5500 Graphics

    So my problem is as such: the HDMI port on my HP Pavilion 15-r210dx with HD 5500 Graphics works only sometimes, (always works so far when I boot into safe mode) and other times it just straight up doesn't see the monitor at all. I usually just restart a few times until it works again and then...
  18. jahid123

    Intel HD 5500 El Capitan

    I successfully installed El Capitan after that I fixed hdmi audio and ethernet problem. but I also have two major problem to fix. One is graphics problem. second is Pc do not shut down. It restarts well but when i click shutdown it stucks showing CPU Helted. My PC info: Model: HP 240 g4...
  19. jealouspeppermint

    Debug assistance: Videos freeze after sleep; El Capitan on Chromebook 2

    System: Toshiba Chromebook 2 [CB35-C3350] (Clover) CPU: i3-5015U Graphics: HD5500, 1920x1080 ioreg: http://pastebin.com/raw/6CDYF80y SMBIOS ProductName: MacbookAir7,2 Background: Running El Capitan on a Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015), and most everything works properly. Video (QE/CI)...
  20. AppleFreak111

    Chinese Mini PC, i7-5500U HD5500, No QE/CI, tried everything

    Hi all, I bought a mini PC from Taobao, thought it would be cool to install macOS on it. It has a Broadwell i7-5500U & HD5500. I tried everything to get graphics working, OS detects HD5500, but only shows 8MB graphics memory. DVMT is set to 96MB from BIOS, SMBIOS: Macbook Air7,2, ig-platform-id...