1. jktaurus8

    [Solved]Fixes to Get Full Acceleration on Intel HD Graphics in iMac 17.1

    This thread is for fixing Quick Sync and full Hardware acceleration in Intel HD Graphics. Although 14.1 definitions are working, In 17.1 with HD 530 and 630 it is not functioning at all. If anyone fixed this, share with others because there are many of those occurs the same problem. In Intel HD...
  2. wachu5747

    HD530 + Dual Monitors (HDMI + DisplayPort)

    Hi guys. I'm happy Hackintosh user since last 2 weeks. I decided to connect my second monitor. My configuration: El capitan 10.11.4 CPU: Intel I7 6700k MOBO: Asus Maximus VIII Z170 RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX (not typing a network/sound, because its out of topic) And monitors: Benq GW2250...
  3. Yogsther

    HD 530 with higher resolution! [HELP]

    I just installed Sierra on my Hackintosh and everything works great, except the graphics. Im forced to a 1280 x 1024 res, and if I force the computer to boot in 4K I get a "Kernal panic". I guess I will have to install some intel drivers? I have seen some posts how to fix it but I can't get it...
  4. derMaggus

    [solved] Black Screen with QHD+ IPS Notebook

    Hi @all, i'am the unlucky one at this time. I bought an Asus UX305FA with QHD+ IPS Display. I got nearly everything working expect the Display. The UX305FA has an Core M-5Y10c Prozessor with Intel HD 5300, 8GB RAM The Display Resolution is 3200x1800 Pixel My BIOS VRAM ist set to 128MB For...