1. carmineromano

    HD520 showing 4MB (HD520)

    HI, I've installed macOS 10.14.5 on Lenovo V110 but I can't fix the graphics..i've tried different guides but always 4MB..any suggest?
  2. Rezaghaderi7575

    Solved > busy timeout : IGPU

    hi i have problem when update whatevergreen from 1.2.2 to 1.2.7 stuck in apple logo in boot screen i used this Guide for patching hd 520 ::: and using this patch for my dsdt -> { Rename _DSM...
  3. 4145t0r

    Problem installing Yosemite on Dell inspiron 15 3567 i3 6ta 6006U HD graphics 520

    Hi, I'm new on this things of making hackintosh, I've followed all this guide of rehabman and I couldn't install yosemite on my laptop yet, when I use the config.plist for the hd-520 it says "this...
  4. astone19

    [solved] 10.14 Sleep/Wake issues Intel HD520

    Hey guys, I have everything working on my system which has a Core i7-6500u, HD520 GPU, Elan 1000 trackpad, etc. However, I am having issues with the GPU driver hanging from wakeup on sleep. Sleep works in safeboot mode, with minimal graphics acceleration. Attached are the logs with my issue, any...
  5. xhyann

    [solved] Surface Pro 4 Hackintosh - can't get HD520 working

    I am currently trying to install Mojave beta on a Surface Pro 4. Everything seems to go very well so far but I can't get my HD520 working. I tried this method because it worked with Sierra on my SP4: 1. Booted successfully with platform-id 0x12345678 2. Added newest IntelGraphicsFixup.kext and...
  6. PravTab

    [solved] HD520 High Sierra... Still no graphics acceleration

    Hi, I've tried Rehabman's custom config.plist for HD520 along with your latest fork of Clover and the Lilu & IntelGraphicsFixup kexts. I've searched through most of the posts on this forum and have tried all sorts of patches: minstolen which I understand is not recommended for High Sierra and...
  7. click0230

    Dell Vostro 3559 HD520 HighSierra Installation problem

    Hi! I am trying to install high sierra 10.13.3 (17D47) (downloaded from app store - desktop hackitosh) on my Dell Vostro 3559 laptop. I followed this guide I can boot and start installation, but...
  8. jeff96

    [SOLVED] Surface Pro 4 Stuck on Boot

    Hi guys, I've managed to successfully install macOS High Sierra on my Surface Pro 4 but hardware acceleration wasn't working properly. So I followed a post I found in this forum, which was supposed to fix my issue. The problem is that now I cannot get the system to boot, even if I try using an...
  9. jwworker201

    Intel HD 520 Showing as 7MB

    Hey Guys, I just (kinda) sucessfully installed macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 on my Notebook. Everything worked out just fine except my GPU... About this mac shows the card as 7MB and the screen is sometimes glitching out. What do I need to do to fix this? I am stuck on this since yesterday and...
  10. ChinesePeanuts

    Lenovo T560 Post Installation

    Hi everyone, This post was edited to summarise everything in this thread. If you still have issues, reading the full thread might help you. You will find in this a thread a discussion about how to make the following specs almost fully functional. Here is my laptop configuration : Lenovo T560...
  11. Lukaz12

    SOLVED! [Problem] Need help with HD520 - Dell 5557

    Last week i made a fresh install of the Sierra OS X 10.12.6, and proceeded to make everything work including the HD520 with the Lilu.kext, IntelGraphicsFixup.kext, Hd520.config.plist from Rehab GitHub and used the fake Id 0x12345678 to boot and rebuild cache to make everything work. BUT I...
  12. lectrasxt16

    [solved] [HELP] Renaming GFX0 to IGPU for brightness control kills NVMe Driver

    Hi, i'm currently trying to get brightness control working. So far, this method works (tested without an nvme drive): however, i need to rename GFX0 to IGPU for this to work. i have...
  13. meetajhu

    Skylake Intel HD 520 graphics kext caches.

    I have successfully installed OSX on Lenovo Ideapad 300. My graphics are working properly. QE/CI is enabled. Did so by booting with invalid ig-platform-id = 0x12345678 and with proper fake-id = 0x19160000 for hd520 then booted to desktop and rebuilded the cache 'sudo kextcache -i /'. Also this...
  14. NicoM4491

    Lenovo Ideapad 310 VGA output working! HD 520

    Hello people, the thing is that the other day i was using my laptop and i put a VGA cable in the output just to test (i was 100% that this won`t work) but i was wrong!!! the screen is working flawless, if i unplug and plug it again it still works, if i reboot or turn on my laptop with the VGA...
  15. Drfrag

    HD520 Screen comes back turned off after waking from sleep.

    When my computer wakes from sleep, the screen come back turned off. The system´s cooler fun is on, keyboard backlight too, but to wake my screen, I need to press a key on keyboard or press the power button for a second time. Than everything is ok. Is this a normal behavior, or do I need to fix...
  16. ioreknanou

    [Guide] Acer Swift 3 – macOS Sierra 10.12.2

    MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 Guide for Acer Swift 3 Hello everyone! I recently bought an Acer Swift 3. The exact model is SF314-51-53MF. I bought it here (not sure if it violates forum rules). It ‘s a nearly perfect hackintosh laptop (for my use). There are others Acer Swift 3 out there with better...
  17. ben9923

    Can't fix the Skylake menu bar glitch on HD520

    *First, sorry if it's not allowed to post threads about the glitch, just delete my thread or something of you need :) I didn't really get help in the pinned thread (Well, I did, but nothing helped) :( So I added the needed code to my config.plist from here...
  18. unb

    Intel HD520 on Toshiba Satellite Pro A50-C

    I am working on getting the above laptop to work with QE/CI for the Intel HD520. The computer specifications are: Model: Toshiba Satellite Pro A50-C CPU: Intel i5-6200U Graphics Card: Integrated HD 520 I have tried the following "solutions" leading to the same kernel panic over and over...
  19. adamsinstallation

    Intel HD 520 Graphics Boot flag?

    I just finished my Skylake Hackintosh. I love it. Truly brilliant considering I upgraded from a Core i3 Ivybridge clocked at 1.8 GHZ. Heck of an upgrade. I have everything working except graphics. When I get to clover, I boot with the graphics flag 0x80861916. It gives me 7mb of VRAM. Which I...