hd4600 problems

  1. kaushik.wavhal

    Kext not loading for Natively Supported HD4600 in 10.9.5

    System: Motherboard: z97m-d3h CPU: 4670K GPU: Inbuilt HD4600 SMBios: iMac 14,2 The first time i ran Multibeast post installation, I could see HD4600, 1543MB in 'About this Mac' section. Later i messed up with some settings and had to do a fresh install. In my 2nd and 3rd installation attempt...
  2. jack.t

    [solved] Sierra - Intel HD 4600 Kernel panics

    I installed macOS Sierra 10.2.2 on one of my old PC, its a Lenova ThinkCenter M93p desktop, the specs are: CPU: Intel i7 4770 MB: Lenovo MB with Q87 chipsets Graphics: Intel HD 4600 I followed Tony's Sierra guide to install, and after installing I used MultiBeast to config and install clover, I...