1. jonghun

    Highsierra Freeze on my Laptop

    I'm Korean, so the sentence might be awkward, but please understand. ==my laptop info== BOARD: Intel HM65 CPU: i5-2410M RAM: 8GB GPU1: intel HD 3000 GPU2: NVIDIA GeForce GT520M(Disable. -wegnoegpu) DISK: WD Green 120GB ===== I finished installing Highsierra on my laptop. The internet is...
  2. MacDaddy123

    HP EliteBook 2560P Display Mirroring To/From AppleTV on Mojave 10.14.6

    Caveat lector: Non-metal graphics cards are not supported above macOS 10.13.x, and the following is representative of only my experience. That said, I have an HP EliteBook 2560P, with Intel HD 3000 graphics. All, AFAICT, is working flawlessly. The display panel is ostensibly limited to a...
  3. Impmon

    How can I be certainly if my Intel HD graphics 3000 have the QE/CI enabled?

    So the context are this, I have a Macbok Pro Late 2011 with the AMD's bad chip issue, working over a High Sierra. I just followed a tutorial for temporally disabling it and use only the Intel integrated graphics 3000, So just when I see the info about the Mac, I just see the Intel Graphics 3000...
  4. itsmeciao

    Catalina and HD3000 - Stuck at "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3"

    Hello once again. I am trying to update my Hackintosh to the latest macOS, in order to be able to use an exam software that is no longer compatible with El Capitan or earlier. But once again I haven't been able to pull this off myself, and therefore I kindly ask for your generous help. I...
  5. Intelism

    Intel HD Graphics 3000 sometimes have no QE/CI Acceleration for no reason

    Sometimes after reboot, i found that my iGPU have no kext loaded for no reason which cause hang with things related to h.264 acceleration (premiere pro), i want to know that is there anyway to fix it? Or can I use my RX570 to enable h.264 hardware encode/decode? SMBIOS:imac13,2 Spec:Gigabyte...
  6. vaporificmite

    Sleep by lid close

    Hi there! A few months ago I successfully installed Sierra on my Dell Inspiron 5520 Now almost everything works, except EGPU(obvious) and my laptop doesn't go to sleep after closing the lid(it's actually my problem), but it detects lid opening. When I send my laptop to sleep, it can be waked...
  7. JetsBoi

    [help] Asus Q200e High Sierra Install

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and this will be my first Hackintosh build. I will try to install OS X High Sierra on my ASUS Q200e Laptop, and I have read that Metal isn't supported with HD3000 Graphics, so won't be trying Mojave I haven't found a complete guide for this model yet, and plan to...
  8. soso38

    HD 3000 problem

    Hi! I ve got a problem with my Hackintosh. I ve successfully installed High Sierra on a All In One computer but im not able to have my graphic card fully fonctionnal (no acceleration). My processor is an Intel i5 2410m; Intel HD3000; 8gb ram; 1080p screen integrated. If anyone could help me...
  9. 11212

    16GB RAM and HD3000 question

    Hi. About a year ago i have tried many versions of macOS with 4GB RAM, all of them had graphical problems, like artifacts. Now i have upgraded on the same laptop to 16GB, is there chance for macOS to work without problems? Thanks for help! :)
  10. whoever1991

    Trying to Boot OS X Installer on Dell L502X. Just showing 6

    Hello everyone, trying to build my first hackintosh here. Followed Rehabmans guide on How to boot OS X installer on Intel Laptops. When I try to boot the installer from my USB Device I get a black screen only showing a 6 in the left upper corner. Ive built the stick following the mentioned...
  11. eob2000

    Cannot get HD3000 working (Not native res, No QE/CI)

    Just got High Sierra installed on my Dell Inspiron 17R (N7110). Got everything up and running except trackpad and graphics, trackpad should be easy enough to get working so i'm focusing on graphics. The CPU is an i3-2350M with Integrated HD3000 Graphics, now as far as I can tell these should...
  12. Taskmaste2946

    HD 3000 (mobile) artifacting on 10.12+

    Hello, I've been having an annoying problem with HD 3000 on macOS Sierra and High Sierra. Whenever I'm using the laptop, weird artifacts and lines keep appearing on screen. It appears in FCPX, iTunes, Firefox, Videos and even finder. I have the SMBIOS set to MacBookPro8,1 and igplatform set to...
  13. krandv

    Intel HD 3000 graphics on Sierra - freeze

    I'm trying to install OSX Sierra 10.12.6 and enable the built-in HD3000 graphics. I followed the guide https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/...-fix-for-os-x-el-capitan-using-clover.176946/ But the system fails to load with Inject Intel = YES. It hangs during boot. If this flag is set to NO then...
  14. fredsquidish

    Laptop HD3000 HDMI Audio

    Hey guys, I'm new into all this hackintosh stuff but I've managed to install high sierra on external drive with clover with Intel HD3000 Graphics working fine. However, my laptop headphone jack is broken, so I can only have audio output throught HDMI (My HDMI Audio on windows is working fine)...
  15. LVLO

    Start with Unibeast 8.0 all fine to Language selection

    On 8460p (HP) when I arrive to language selection for installation, I can't select, keyboard and mouse are off and there are not USB port usable (only one usb 2.0 with USB key to start)
  16. dhisnotnull

    HD3000 artifacts + random freeze after upgrading to High Sierra

    After upgrading to HS artifacts would show up after some period of time and occasionally i'll get screen freeze and the only way to fix it is to reset. I've various configuration removing the connector patch and Inject Intel but to no avail. This configuration previously worked fine in Sierra...
  17. jabirbin

    HD Graphics 3000 OS X Hanging

    Not sure if the GPU is the culprit but the OS freezes few minutes after booting when some apps are opened especially any browser. The cursor can be moved while everything else becomes irresponsive. Only way out is pressing down the power switch for a few seconds. Most likely to happen when some...
  18. icylynx

    [solved] x220 dvi fullhd mod

    Hi, have lenovo thinkpad x220 laptop with i5 and hd3000, running fullhd mod (LG Display LP125WF2-SPB4 via displayport 2 custom connector). Windows and linux runs OK. In Sierra, the is no picture on internal display, when i am adding external monitor via displayport connector i see the picture on...
  19. mszero

    Why can't I successfully boot this configuration machine?.

    brand: Thinkpad e520... 2012 year. CPU: i5-2450 Graphics:INTEL HD 3000(512M) When you enter the MAC, the screen is black, but the screen is on, and after 10 minutes, it starts to cycle and restart. Help me. Can you fix it for me?
  20. el_charlie

    Random horizontal lines on some apps (Intel HD3000)

    I have an Asus U46E (i5 2430M, HD3000, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD) and everything works, even the update from 10.12.4 to 10.12.5. I know, the laptop is old, but the hack is new. However, sometimes (not all times) i get some weird horizontal lines in chrome or tweetbot. Moving the mouse helps or...