hd 5500

  1. PacMan

    [Help] Dell Broadwell HD5500 4K can't get full resolution

    Hi, I have this 4K buit-in display and I'm not being able to reach the 3840x2160 resolution nor 1920x1080 HiDPI. The display works up to 3360x1890 (non HiDPI), and scaled to 1680x945 (HiDPI), but any resolution higher than that gives me a black screen with backlight. I've changed the BIOS to...
  2. Bandysc

    Intel HD 5500 problem (asus ux 305 LA)

    Hello, I have troubles with my GPU intel HD 5500 (resolution 3200x1800) + intel i7 5500u at Asus UX305LA. I have installed Mojave with invalid ig-platform-id, but now the most important thing is to start the GPU. DVMT-prealloc is set to 64 MB in BIOS. I am using Rehabman's config...
  3. krishnapal

    Can't increase brightness intel hd5500

    how to fix brightness issue in my hackintosh ? my current brightness level is only 20% it's hard to work
  4. sithinjatyler

    Is there a way to check for Metal compatibility?

    I have a fully working laptop hackintosh, with an intel Core i5-5200U CPU and HD 5500 Graphics. I have seen that supposedly Apple's "Metal" API will work with HD 4000 and newer, but since the HD 5500 is NOT supported by Apple by default, is there a way to check if programs can use Metal on my...
  5. sithinjatyler

    HDMI works intermittently HD 5500 Graphics

    So my problem is as such: the HDMI port on my HP Pavilion 15-r210dx with HD 5500 Graphics works only sometimes, (always works so far when I boot into safe mode) and other times it just straight up doesn't see the monitor at all. I usually just restart a few times until it works again and then...
  6. tasos1615

    HP 250 G4 Guide OS X 10.11.5

    Overview HP 250 G4 is a very cheap laptop with decent hardware for its price (~300euro). It comes with an i3 5005u, 4GB of Ram and an hard drive of 500GB Status of the system Working: Almost everything Not working: 1. Wifi & Bluetooth due to its chip (This laptop has a whitelist so I would...
  7. fr0n1k

    Want to install Mac OS 10.11+ on Acer V3-371-52QE

    Hi everyone! I want to install el capitan on my Acer and make a dual boot for windows. As for now i only got windows. My graphics is - intel hd 5500 and I saw on the forums that it raises many problems. By the way, i set the bios video memory to 128 mb So, what sould i start with? I can easily...
  8. benicsbalazs

    Dell Inspiron 5558 - Installation problem

    Hello! I've made an Yosemite installer USB (with BaseBinary method), using this guide: http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-laptop-support/148093-guide-booting-os-x-installer-laptops-clover.html But I could not reach the 3rd step, becouse something went wrong. See the attached picture. The...