hd 520

  1. Citronsaft

    Lenovo Flex 3 1580 - Cannot Get Accelerated Graphics with HD 520

    I successfully installed macOS Mojave (10.14.2) on a Lenovo Flex 3. Most things are working fine, except the graphics. It looks like there is no acceleration at all. It runs pretty slowly, there are some graphical glitches, and none of the effects (blur) work. Attached is the Clover folder with...
  2. Feartech

    [HELP] Install High Sierra on Asus

    Read up on the FAQ first: Link to laptop guide:
  3. Fullmoon

    Flickering display backlight ASUS K501UQ

    Since installation I have some sort of flickering. It's not broken icons or lines or other graphical artifacts. It looks like backlight itself is flickering, or like AC frequency banding lines on photo. Minor and noticeable only on dark backgrounds on medium-low brightness, but still mildly...
  4. Joydeep

    Screen flickers/blinks after wake

    I installed High Sierra by following RehabMan's guide ( and fixing things one by one. The problem I now face is that after turning off the screen (by closing the lid or going into sleep mode) and...
  5. JulioCezarJorge

    Brightness Issue - HD 520 - Laptop

    Hi everyone, first time I'm posting here (don't know if it's in the right place). So, my problem is... I installed Sierra on my Lenovo Yoga 510, and from 3 days by now I have been trying to control the brightness, without success. I have tried this tutorial...
  6. chiendo97

    Dell N3459 - HD520 - HDMI Video issue

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble with HDMI-Video. When I plugged HDMI cable in, the extend monitor displayed normally but my laptop monitor showed really laggy mouse and graphics. But next I plugged HDMI cable out, the monitor went dark while the backlight still working so I have to restart my laptop...
  7. Andryw146

    Problem with video on Intel HD 520

    First sorry about my English, i don't speak English :D recently i installed the sierra on my laptop and the graphical acceleration does not work, i using Intel Graphics HD 520 in my laptop Lenovo Ideapad 310-14ISK. I read that i need change DVMT settings but my laptop don't have these...
  8. Lincoln1234

    Boot Problems With Razer Blade Stealth

    Hi When i try to boot for the first time and get to the installer it crashes(black screen but still on) after getting approx 90% of the way through the bar i think i might be something to do with my graphics(intel HD 520) but i don't know. plz help me Thankyou

    Sierra Hangs After Clean Install, can't get to the OS

    Hello, this is my first time and i thank you guys beforehand for your help in this endeavour. i've created the installer with the latest unibeast, selecting ati injection, and sierra 10.12.14 (i think that is the ver.) In my profile is the hardware i'm trying to work with, i also have intel...
  10. NicoM4491

    Lenovo Ideapad 310 VGA output working! HD 520

    Hello people, the thing is that the other day i was using my laptop and i put a VGA cable in the output just to test (i was 100% that this won`t work) but i was wrong!!! the screen is working flawless, if i unplug and plug it again it still works, if i reboot or turn on my laptop with the VGA...
  11. NicoM4491


    Hello, im having some problems trying to boot installation of sierra in my laptop, this is a skylake notebook: Processor I3-6100u Graphics HD520 8gb DDR4 InsydeH20 Bios (don't have so much options to configure) It's not my first hackintosh, i do a lot of hacks in laptop but its my first one...
  12. Gough

    need help on config.plist

    dear all, my laptop is Lenovo E31-80, with following configurations: win10 home i7 6500U (Skylake-U) 8G DDR3-1600 intel HD 520 (1366 x 768) ALC236/Atheros QCA9377/RTL8168/8111 PCI-E/Samsung 256G SSD. Trying to install 10.12.1 with Clover r3949, guided with...
  13. macintoshvatsalya

    [solved] Need Help ! Lenovo Thinkpad e460

    I am trying to install hackintosh on my thinkpad e460 but I am unable to boot . I am facing KP on graphics . - I am not selecting inject intel but still facing KP (kernel panic). Thanks.
  14. docsimo85

    Hp probook 450 g3

    Hi guys, I'm buying a hp probook 450g3 and i would like to install osx. I've searched all day in Google but i can't find a 'sure' answer to: is it possible now? And how to do it(especially on the hd520 side). I prefer the clover way if possibile. Any advice? Thanks
  15. adamsinstallation

    Intel HD 520 Graphics Boot flag?

    I had brought this up once over on the Graphics support page, but I'm gonna post here too seeing as I have an HP Star Wars edition laptop. It's a Core i5-6200U, 6 gigs of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 520. I am using the platform id 0x80861916 to boot but that's only giving me 7mb of VRAM. Any other...
  16. robinhur

    Install El Capitan in Skylake Laptop (failed)

    Today, I tried to install El Capitan in My new labtop Lenovo Ideapad 300 (maybe next gen of Z50 ??) CPU : I5 6200U (skylake) RAM : 8GB DDR3 (dual channel) Storage : 256GB SSD I made El Capitan USB with CLOVER latest version already In UEFI Booting, it was just fine tochpad and keyboard...