hd 4600

  1. acentofanti

    [Success] Big Sur on a GA-H97N-WIFI with 4600 GPU running at 4k

    Running an older setup of Gigabyte GA-H97N-WiFi Intel Core i3 4360 / Intel Core i7 4790 16 GB ram Onboard 4600 intel GPU 250 GB SSD (for OS install) 1 TB spinning rust (for home directory) And wanted to document getting it upgraded to Big Sur with working 4K. A little history: The machine had...
  2. damabbeis

    Intel i7 4770 GTX 750 2 GB ASUS H97M-E

    Hello to everybody, i'm gonna to install Catalina on my PC. I tried a lot of times and i boot correctly the system. I need a help to enable the acceleration graphics (i tried to use only the Intel Graphics 4600 HD but i have glitches with the VGA cable). I don't know how i can use the GTX 750...
  3. punkdevil

    Occasional Freeze and Kernel Panic

    My OpenCore (0.5.6) Catalina build (10.15.3) is running fine except for occasional freeze & kernel panics (maybe once or twice a day). Mobo is Gigabyte H87M-D3H, CPU is Core i5-4460, HD4600(headless) + RX 560 4GB. My config.plist is attached. Here is the report when the system freezes. I am...
  4. kali2000

    Laptop reboots when use HDMI

    @RehabMan Hi again... I'm update my old config.plist to patch my laptop with new methods... all work fine. Only I have a little problem with may HDMI connection, when use it my laptop reboots. Please see you my problem reporting files and tell me... Thanks in advance. PD. I've noticed that I...
  5. Alin-Stanescu

    Intel HD Graphics 4600 don't seem to be working in macOS Mojave

    Hello! I managed to install macOS Mojave on my PC, it works fine, but with one problem that is annoying. Graphics. I have an Intel HD Graphics integrated card, Which in system preferences shows as having 7mb of memory, and the graphics are laggy and glitchy, especially when opening...
  6. macintoshvatsalya

    2k resolution on HD 4600

    My heading is vague but previously I have only one monitor and I was unable to test but now I have 2 so I done some test I have Alienware and other specs are in bottom Now I bought a monitor which is ultrawide and having resolution of 2560 x 1080 now I tested both ports of my laptop i.e...
  7. ammoune78

    HP PROBOOK 650 G1 battery, sound, hd4600 and BCM20702A0 problem

    Hey all, I'm having problem to get this laptop run with High Sierra, the config is: CPU: i5 4200M IGPU: HD 4600 HDA: IDT 92HD91BXX WIFI: BCM20702A0 With newest kext I can't past IOGraphicsFlag ... With El Capitan kexts I have Kernel Panic But if I boot to El Capitan installed drive sound not...
  8. santhosh2

    HD 4600 High Sierra on VGA

    Does any body know how to run Graphics Acceleration on high sierra via VGA ? I don't want to change my monitor. I like my monitor.
  9. PACMAN393

    Sierra doesn't detect my Intel HD Graphics 4600

    How's it going everyone? I have a big problem with my hackintosh. I installed Sierra in my PC. I had a GT 610 but this graphic card is not compatible with Sierra so I decide to use my integrated graphic card. I use Clover, I have put the deviceID as 0x04128086, and the ig-plattaform-id as...
  10. qasiwe

    Graphics issue on mobile intel HD 4600

    Hello everyone! I have a trouble with my intel HD 4600 graphics on sierra 10.12.6 I am telling in advance that I've tried the RehabMan's fix https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/fix-hd4200-hd4400-hd4600-hd5600-on-10-11.175797/ But all I got with these Fake ID and Fake HD kexts with fake id...
  11. mascaliente

    HP Envy 17-j902nr Audio with Sierra

    Ok, I have been looking for a solution for this for over a week and have gotten almost nowhere. I have an HP Envy 17-j902nr with 12GB RAM, Intel i7-4700mq with HD4600, Qualcomm Atheros AR9285, and according to lspci a Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor HD Audio Controller. I have managed to...
  12. 20four80five

    Upgrade: GeForce GTX 1050 Video Card

    Hello, I've been having Photoshop issues with my Intel HD4600 so I have decided to buy an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete graphics card. Is there a specific order of changes/settings in Clover and/or in the BIOS that I have to follow before and after I install the GTX 1050 graphics card? Thanks.
  13. klingon00

    Unibeast created Sierra USB installer won't boot 4790k w/ integrated graphics

    I am using a Sierra USB installer which worked on a recent Skylake build and tried to use it to attempt an upgrade my Haswell 4790K system from Yosemite in order to use my new 1070 GPU but am using the integrated graphics for purposes of installing. In preparation, I updated Clover to the latest...
  14. Simpsonbear

    Intel HD 4600 HDMI Issue

    Hi there! I have a georgous working hackintosh (IMac 14.2) until I plug the Hdmi caple in wich gose to my 4K Panasonic TV! then clover 3974 enters in reboot-loop. I read on an other forum they sad to inject someting in the config.plist but it made ´em unfuntional so I revert. I allready tried a...
  15. wrlee

    GA-Z97X-SOC + i7-4770K + HD 4600

    Core i7-4770K + GA-Z97X-SOC + 16GB RAM + HD 4600 I will be adding more information, links, etc. If you have any immediate questions, I will give priority to that info. Components Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC Motherboard (not -Force) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JKCHERQ/?tag=tonymacx86com-20...
  16. asdfqaz

    [GUIDE] How to remove HD 4600 'snow' effects

    Hello everybody, I have found a way to fix those irritating 'snow' effects while using the i7 4790K's integrated HD 4600 (I have not tried with other processors, so it may not happen if you are not using a 4790K). Requirements:- 1. A working El Capitan install using Clover. Steps:- 1...
  17. luciomas17

    Is there anyone who can help me with my ASUS N550JK?

    Hi everyone! First of all, I'd specify I'm from Italy so sorry for my not perfect English haha Well, I'm writing this threade because I've been spending my whole days (and nights sometimes) for a couple of weeks trying to install El Capitan on my ASUS N550JK. Unfortunately I've never found any...
  18. Leo2017

    ASUS k550J Problem with HD 4600

    Hello, I am new in hackintosh. My laptop is Asus k550j(I7 4710hq, GTX850m disabled, mobo x550jk) I met problem to drive HD4600. I am using UEFI+GPT method with clover guide. The problem is once I set IntelGFX into 0x04128086, I cannot boot into EI caption(ig-platform-id also set and tried...
  19. thornton.as

    [SUCCESS] GA-Z87N-WIFI / i5 4570 / 16Gb / HD 4600 / 10.11 El Capitan / Stable

    The build Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI Intel i5 4570 Intel HD 4600 16GB Corsair Vengeance Memory 120 GB Corsair Force GS SSD HighPoint RocketRaid 2720 PCIe Raid Card 6x 2TB Western Digital SE Drives Fractal Design Node 304 Case Pioneer DVD/Blr-ray Burner 2x Dell S2440L Monitors 10.11.3 El Capitan...
  20. josesox

    Issue with HDMI Audio in Intel HD 4600

    Hello everyone I try to put HDMI Audio in my El Capitan Hackintosh (10.11). I downloaded this : toleda's HDMI Audio SSDTand copy file "SSDT-1.aml" to EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched (EFI mounted with Clover Configurator) and not work. My Build : Motherboard : Intel DH87MC CPU : Intel i5 4670...