hackintosh g5

  1. SiBarber

    My G5 Hack

    Just thought I would add my two peneth worth to the G5 case modding tread. I managed to purchase 2 G5's on Ebay from a guy not far from me for 22 quid. 1 of them has a few scratches on the side and the other is pretty tidy. The tidy on happens to be a late 2005 G5 and the other is an older on...
  2. cab3

    My Hackintosh G5 Black Edition

    Hi everyone, I recently finished my Hackintosh G5 case mod and just wanted to share the results :D Sorry for my bad English. I mainly use it as a gaming machine but sometimes i also use video editing or photoshop on it. System Specs: CPU: i5 3570K Mainboard: MSI Big Bang z77 Mpower (awesome...
  3. crimv

    Crimson Grey (Powermac G5)

    Hi guy, Want to intro my case to the hackintosh world. i found out that mostly people will major modify the back and didnt reserve the original off the case . So i come out with the idea and come out with this. Still incomplete though but done the back design and current focus on the front...