hackintosh 4850

  1. jordakoes

    Updating from 10.11.1 to 10.11.5

    I didn't know where to post this thread so I posted it in the General Help segment. I have finally got Hackintosh to work on my system. After configuring my system and downloading my first apps for testing I found that the App Store wanted me to update. Reading the release notes I found out...
  2. macmodifier

    Hackintosh ATI RADEON HD4850 x2 HD Graphics Patch Installer

    Okay the title says it all. For all who have the ATI RADEON HD4850 x2 HD or some version of the ATI RADEON HD48XX here is a post with a patch to help you get it running in OS X Mountain Lion. Heres the website like. http://exoticpatch.eu.ki When you are installing OS X Mountain...