1. ziopecos

    Disable turbo boost lenovo x220 High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hello everyone, I have this wonderful laptop for 2 years, works perfectly if not for some overheating (80-90 ° C). Now I want to ask kindly if someone can tell me how to disable the CPU boost turbo function, I tried disabling the function from the bios but when I try to start macOS he keeps...
  2. zdx

    Can I install sierra on my hp pavilion dv6 laptop?

    i have tried lot of time to install mac os sierra in my hp pavilion dv6 laptop but i am not success. how to install plz help me sorry for my bad English.... here is my laptop configuration CPU : Intel Core i5 430M 2.27 Ghz Motherboard : Hewlett-Packard 3659 (CPU) Memory : 4.00 GB...
  3. TylerPlayz

    Best Budget Gigabyte Motherboard for El Capitan Hackintosh

    Hi, would anybody like to help me choose which motherboard would be the best "bang for the buck", and that would work with El Capitan. I would prefer it to be a Gigabyte motherboard. I have been looking at this one, and I don't know if it would work well. If anyone would care to help me, that...
  4. kevorgod

    Asus G55VW

    Hi there, i'm trying to hackintosh my new Asus G55VW. Every part of this PC seem to be compatible by what i read on te net. I used mounted lion + Unibeast ML downloaded today right here. I did my USB key with my macbook 2011. My BIOS is in AHC1. When i boot on my USB key it seem to...