1. liloh

    I would like to know if ma laptop is ok for hackintosh

    (sorry im french) Hello, i want to know if my laptop is good for install hackintosh in m pc with usb bootable. Thanks for your answers ! :) And if it's ok, what version of hackintosh macos it's better for my laptop, thanks ! my laptop : asus k756uv-ty295t cpu : Intel Core i3-6006U gpu intel ...
  2. yarden

    Mini ITX MB for AMD that support macOS (Hackintosh)

    Hey guys, as of my current specs, my GPU is incompatible with latest macOSs so I can't install hackintosh on it.. My only usages for the GPU is to plug dual 2k monitors to it, or my 4k TV.. This task is pretty easy for common days Motherboards which already comes with some HDMI 2.0 and up or...
  3. Gabriel-BRA

    I'm trying to install Hackintoch

    I'm trying to install Hackintoch to my current Desktop,Is it compatible with my specs Thank You! [SPECS LIST] Processor : Celeron G530 [SandyBridge] MotherBoard : lga 1155 which system can i install ?
  4. Toni2050

    Setting Up Triple Boot Hackintosh!

    Hello good people, I'm new in the field of Hackintosh. And I would like to setup a triple boot laptop for learning and coding purposes. I mean, I would like to run Windows, Kali and macOS Catalina in a single laptop. As I'm not aware of the problems that can arise or how to do this setup and...
  5. Pokallan

    Best hackintosh OS for my PC ?

    Good evening everyone! Here, for some time I am interested in hackintosh that I would like to try. However I do not know which OS to install for my configuration which is: Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Anniversary Processor: I7 4790 Graphics card: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 GHz RAM: G.Skill Trident X...
  6. bdahi

    Best build for a Video Editing Machine (Premiere+FCPX)

    Hello community, I'm a user of FCPX and at the same time I'm using Premiere and AE on other projects, I just want to know what is the best option for me while I'm thinking to build a Hackintosh. I have tried using Windows for editing on premiere before and It was a horrible experience working...
  7. yakarbonizer

    Choosing Drivers need help

    hello, i need some little help for my hackintosh my specs - i7-7700 gtx 1060 H270-Gaming 3 16Go (2x8 2133Mhz) I don't know what drivers do i need to pick in Multibeast. What Realtek ALC i need to pick :/ btw i don't know if i need to go legacy boot mod or UEFI ? Please help me ty !
  8. temka789

    Need an advice in creating new hackintosh

    Hello, guys! I have working mac El Capitan on i5 3570 & ASRock B75M-DGS. Current PC long time worked on Windows but I decided to instal mac for my work needs and after some time on mac, I started using only it and forgot when I run Windows from second SSD) I had come problems on current build...
  9. MeloMilo

    I can't get a 4k resolution with Intel hd 630

    Hi guys, i build my first hackintosh, and all works very good, only the Graphic isn't very good. The resolution has to be 4k but it under FHD(full hd)... can any one solve this problem ? My Hardware: -mobo: GAH270M-DS3H -prozessor: Intel i5 7600k -graphic: Intel hd 630 -memory: Ballistic Sport...
  10. antblg

    ultra budget bild

    Hi friends! I need ultra budget bild for Hackintoch. Pls tell me whether the system will work correctly on this bild: CPU: Pentium G4620 OEM Motherboard: ASUS H110M-R-C-Sl RAM: Ballistrix Sport LT 2x4gb HDD: WD Blue 1TB
  11. RAFFAY

    Want a Wifi + Bluetooth card for macOS Sierra on Dell Inspiron 5559 (2016)

    Hi guys, I have successfully installed macOS High Sierra on the said laptop using a guide on ****** (by ArtikusHG). However I want to ask what Wifi card will you recommend for this laptop. I have searched forums but couldn't find a specific forum for High Sierra, there were forums regarding...
  12. ZekyBeky

    Hackintosh Asuspro B9440ua

    Anybody with a clue of Asuspro B9440ua hackintosh compatibility? What might be the downfalls for this configuration on hackintosh attempt?
  13. ahmednaoum

    macOS Sierra installation error on pc (External Hard)

    I want to install macOS Sierra on my laptop Dell LATITUDE E6410 on an external hard disk. After booting from the installation USB and choosing install macOS, it blocks as in the last image. -Installation: -Installation(2) -block(error)
  14. pepelemoko

    [Solved] Stuck in Clover Boot Manager - Sierra 10.12.5 / Z170X / kabylake /GTX 1060

    Hello everyone. I'm new (and french), so I'll try to be as clear as possible ;-) • Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Designare • CPU : Core i7 7700K • Ventirad : be quiet! Pure Rock • GPU GeForce 1060 • WiFi AC : TP-Link Archer T9E • Corsair VS650 • SSD : Crucial MX300 525Go - SATA • HyperX FURY RED DDR4 2 X 8...
  15. joksicas

    Mac os Sierra Screen flickering after sleep problem

    specs> i7 6700k gtx 1060 with nvidia web drivr running and cuda support 8 gb ram msi z170m mortar After wake up from sleep and log in,when first time swich to other desktop screen start to flicker,that does not happen if pc wasnt put to sleep.After reconecting hdmi cable screen bring back to...
  16. DarthHideous3

    Can't install Sierra on Asus Maximus VIII with ATI Radeon RX 470 graphics

    Hi, Has anyone managed to install Sierra on this or similar configuration? I have created a Sierra boot USB on PC, and successfully installed it on my older laptop (ASUS n750jv). However, on this new machine (ASUS Maximus VIII z170 Hero, with Kaby Lake i7-7700 3.6GHz, 32 Gb of Kingston Fury...
  17. Killou

    Want to build a Hackintosh for 4K FCPX editing

    Hi ! I am totally new to Hackintosh universe, and I am french, so, sorry if my English looks bad I am searching for a configuration, that can run FCPX smoothly for 4K video editing, and a little bit of gaming ;) If it is possible, running on the last OSX Sierra. I have already a WIN10...
  18. nOd3N1AL

    Best value, most hassle-free way to building Hackintosh?

    So the current advice seems to be to go with a Skylake CPU; which I'm hesitant to do given their prices are still pretty much the same as they were on launch and they're 2 about years old now. On the GPU front, only Maxwell and earlier are supported; and it's not easy to find a new Maxwell or...
  19. HardeepT01

    Installation service

    Hi. I apologise in advance if this has been covered in another post. I have a little technical knowledge but would not be comfortable in trying to setup a hackintosh from scratch. Are there are companies or individuals based around London who would offer an installation service if I sent my...
  20. KHANcerto

    Acer Aspire V15 Nitro - Is it possible to add OSX with W10 already installed?

    Hello So I successfully built my first CustoMac Pro and everything is running very smoothly, which has brought me to this section of the forum since I have an Acer laptop lying around and noticed that people are adding OSX to it. From what I have read so far, it is possible to add OSX with...