1. athiqbe

    patching DSDT unfixable errors

    so i exported dsdt and ssdts with clover disassembled them .. faced 4 syntax errors .. tried to fix them with some patches .. i noticed when i apply the wak arg 0 patch the errors goes away but i face 2 new errors somthing with parseop scop end file .. i attached my dsdt to check it out if you...
  2. fabiocosta88

    My PC can Hackintosh?

    Hi, below is my specs: Processor: i5 3570 Motherboard: ASUS p8h61-m lx3 r2.0 Ram: PNY 2x4gb DDR3 1600mhz Graphics: XFX RX 470 RS 4GB BLACK EDITION HD: 1tb WD thanks in advance
  3. Anxop

    X99 msi sli plus and 6800k

    Hello guys, My specs are I7 6800k Msi x99 sli plus 48gb ddr4 corsair vengance c15 3000 And Nvidia k2200 Recently i try to install on my workstation Mac os mojave, I see some threads and i can be able to see the install interface. I mount the USB by vanilla guide and i put some kest...
  4. malmal

    Can't install mac os mojave because I am stuck at the apple logo before installation

    Hi there. I am totally new to hackintoshes and I am trying to install Mac os Mojave on a pavilion g6 wich has: Cpu: Intel Core i5-2430M with Intel HD Graphics 3000 Gpu: Amd Radeon HD 7400M Series Hard Drive: Crucial BX500 480GB I have successfully created a bootable USB using UniBeast on a mac...
  5. zAbdullahz

    Glitch on Screen

    hello guys , i'm tried with this issue
  6. nicv

    is it possible to turn Macbook pro or iMac into mackintosh

    is it possible to build a hacktosh inside a Macbook pro or iMac and and modify the screen and touchpad to work with a pc motherboard let me know what you think thank you for your time
  7. AlessandroAgnino

    Error Loading Kernel Cache 0xe/0x2

    Hi, After the 10.13.6 update the first reboot was okay. So I install the new NVIDIA web driver and After reboot there is an error: Error Loading Kernel Cache 0xe/0x2 How to fix this? I’m not expert and before the update I was in 10.13.4
  8. Zalek

    Advise on building cheap Hackentosh

    Hello, I am planning to build Intel I7 PC with Linux, Win10 and Hackentosh. A few years ago I built similar machine with 10.6 Snow Leopard. I am not planning to play games, so I don't need build a powerful machine. Any advice or links? Thanks zb
  9. Elin

    Pentium G3220 + Foxconn H81MXV

    Hello, I need your help. Can I install OS X on my system ? Please help with question, I would be very grateful!!! At this link you can see all the specifications for my system http://google.besten.az/ CPU Type: DualCore Intel Pentium G3220, 3000 MHz (30 x 100) Motherboard Name: Foxconn...
  10. peershaul

    i am installing multibeast but the computer shows me that there is no drivers

    I am installed today a macOS sierra Hackintosh and I tried to install multibeast on my new fresh system but anything aren't working I don't have any network and I have to boot my system from the unibeast drive please help me tnx for helping
  11. FlameFusion

    Hackintosh Freezes when boots into Mac os sierra HELP!!!

    So I recently built another hackintosh, and just got round to putting mac os on it a few days ago. However it freezes when I boot from the usb on the apple logo with the loading bar and doent load. BTW I created the USB Using unibeast on my friends macbook My PC specs are: Mobo:Gigabyte...
  12. Piero2411

    Uninstall intel driver for install nvidia

    Hi i have order a new graphic card nvidia 1050 ti by gigabyte and i have to install it on my hackintosh. Now i use a internal graphic card by intel. My question is what can I do for install ma ma new nvidia card? I have tu uninstall intel driver? What i have to do? Thanks for help for my problem
  13. joeri454

    Is this a good Hackintosh Sierra build?

    Hi, Is this a good build for a Hackintosh with Macos Sierra? Case: Thermaltake Versa H15 M-ATX Mobo: Asrock H81M-VG4 R3.0 Intel H81 Socket H3 CPU: i5 4570 GPU: Gigabyte Gtx 750ti OC Edition RAM: 4GB DDR3 of an old HP computer PSU: also from an old HP Coputer SSD: Samsung evo 250GB Thanks in...
  14. InDaHood

    MSI Z97-Gameing 3, i5-5675C sudden shutdown

    Hi! I've built an Hackintosh for my mum and everything works perfectly fine! Except for the fact that sometimes the screen freezes for ca. 5 sec and then the BIOS screen appears and he restarts. From what i can understand in the error report it's a kernel panic. Specs: Bootloader: Clover 2.3...
  15. zur4ik

    Sierra Desktop / No Bluetooth device found

    Installed Hackintosh Sierra on my PC. Everything works properly except Bluetooth. Tried few tutorials about how to fix Bluetooth dongle on El Capitan, but didn't work. Maybe any ideas about how to fix it? (My usb Bluetooth device is Logitech LogiLink) Here is the screen of device info.
  16. WafflePi

    help with graphics card

    Hi I am having difficulties with yosemite and my graphics card I am trying to use a gigabyte gt 730 and every time I try to use it it black screens and I know it works and I need to know how it can work with yosemiteand I tried nvidia drivers and they don't help