hack os x

  1. elefantus1

    Building my first hackintosh. Need advice whether my picks are easy.

    Hi, looking at the current status of imacs I decided that a way to go is to build my very own hackintosh. I am wondering whether the specs I came up with will be difficult to get OS X working with. I am going to use this computer for Illustrator/Sketch and Photoshop. Perhaps some simple...
  2. Clomascara85

    Build Old Mountain Lion 10.8.5

    Hello everyone. have problem to choosing the correct components to create my hack. Unfortunately I have a software compatible only with mountain lion. I'm currently working with an Apple Mac mini mid-2012 but would like to use more video outputs (3) and pci cards (to work in HD using protools...
  3. adamsinstallation

    Intel HD 520 Graphics Boot flag?

    I had brought this up once over on the Graphics support page, but I'm gonna post here too seeing as I have an HP Star Wars edition laptop. It's a Core i5-6200U, 6 gigs of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 520. I am using the platform id 0x80861916 to boot but that's only giving me 7mb of VRAM. Any other...