hack mini pro

  1. Apoesk21

    Powerful Portable ''Hack Mini'' parts advice

    Hello everyone! After my susses of building a Mac Pro Hackingtoch, I am looking to build a portable mini hackingtoch, which is powerful and able to handle the my ''in the box'' music production. I am wondering if someone have build a powerful portable mini hack? Here is what I am looking to...
  2. olleolsson

    My First Video Editing Hackintosh Build. (hardware and general questions)

    Hi there, I´m on the forum and I need some help and advice about a coming computer build. My plan is to build a video editing computer with mac/osx installed on it. In other words a Hackintosh. I’m going to list the parts I´m planning to use so you guys get a feeling of what type of computer I...
  3. SnowLion

    [???] gigabyte brix gb-bxi7g3-760

    I'm looking at selling my old Hack Pro and building a Hack Mini, based off of a Gigabyte Brix GB-BXI7G3-760 (a barebones mini-pc including a discrete GPU). Does anyone know if the following hardware would be compatible with the standard TonyMacx86 installation procedure? If not, is it even...