1. lev12354

    Hello! can i install any system on the ryzen 7 5800H

    Laptop specification: Vega 8 / rtx 3060 video card.ryzen 7 5800H processor. LAN - KILLER E2600. WI-FI - MTK 7921. Had experience of hacking on Intel. but AMD can’t start
  2. iDrakus

    Best water cooling for Hackintosh

    I once had a NZXT Kracken X52 cooling, but it turned out to be defective, so I passed it. Now I am using a NH-U9S cooler with two fans. This bunch works well on the hackintosh, however, my processor in games for Windows 10 sometimes heats up to 85 degrees (this is a lot). In this regard, I...
  3. Fabsl22

    Custom Build - Hacintosh

    Hey Community, I've read through these pages a lot in the last days and I'm now convinced that I would like to build my own Hacintosh! I'm a lot in Photo Editing and Programming but have little to no Hardware experiences (except from disassembling old computers and reassambling them). But...
  4. Murgy91

    Hacintosh Beginner Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH or Similar

    Hi all, As you can see I am quite new here. Been researching for a few weeks and the reason my specs are blank below is I have yet to decide on what to buy. I work mainly on ships so it has to be portable hence the NUC. I fly home every months for vacation and then get transferred to another...
  5. truemetal

    i7-8700k overheat + throttle on High Sierra while fine on Win 10

    I've got i7-8700k running on Asus Z370-F Gaming and cooled by ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240, and I'm having problems with this setup on High Sierra. While on Windows 10, it runs 4.3 Ghz and doesn't really go above 82 C, on High Sierra it can throttle and go up to 87-88 C. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. alibaltschun

    help preinstall panic cpu i5 5200 hd5500 ssd kingfast25gb asus a555ln

    hello i have some issue i following this tutorial with asus a555ln i5 5200u 840m kingfast 250gb ssd but i have problem with first boot / preinstall osx
  7. osama10922

    Hackintosh HPZ600 Drivers Issue

    I've successfully installed MAC OS Sierra (Mac Pro 5,1) Hackintosh on my PC with following specs. 1. HPZ600 PC 2. Intel 6 Core Xeon X5660 Processor (2 Pro) 3. nVIDIA 8600 GT Graphics Card 4.Dont know about audio and Ethernet Specs But Audio, Network and Graphics drivers aren't working on my PC...
  8. Christophkrasivaya

    Finally installed Mac OS X Sierra - No WiFi/ Sound

    I have a MSI GE 62 002 Apache GTX 965m 2gb i7-4790HQ 3.6GHz 8gb RAM MSI Motherboard Killer E2200 Ethernet Controller Intel 3160 DB wireless AC 240 GB Kingston SSD Chipset : Intel HM86 used clover bootloader Can anyone help me fix the WiFi and sound? I've already tried installing VoodooHDA...
  9. tester213

    Toshiba L50-C Satellite

    hey guys i would like to ask you some question if my laptop support hackintosh el capitan 10.11.x first of all i7 6500U CPU nvidia graphics card 950m intel 520 graphic intel dual band ac 3165 elan touchpad and chicony webcam toshiba hd and connexant audio before that i want running elcapitan...
  10. joaofranz

    How about this machine for a hackintosh?

    In this machine will work a hackintosh, right? How about the motherboard, is better this Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2 or a GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-SLI for a hackintosh? Another question, does SLI works in hakintosh? The Sabertooth is SLI compatible? Thanks in advance! Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz (4.4GHz...
  11. virksaab47

    screen flickering

    hi guys, i have Lenovo G500 laptop with: intel i5 3rd gen 4gb ddr3 ram intel hd4000 and amd radeon hd 8500 series 2gb graphics i installed yosemite sucessfully with intel hd4000 graphics ON and running smoothly BUT my problem is this screen flickering...
  12. yxz

    Accidentally Deleted Usr/Library File- Now Hacintosh Wont Boot - PLEASE HELP!

    I built a Snow Leopard Hacintosh 4 years ago, and it's been a wonderful machine to me every since. I have had almost no problems with it up until last night. I moved the file /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib and now I cannot even boot in Safe Mode. I have booted in Verbose mode to take this picture...
  13. andysetyantoro

    ASUS Notebook A455LD-WX052D

    ASUS Notebook A455LD-WX052D compatible with hackintosh?
  14. TiagoDeSousa

    Hackintosh Builder In Need Of Help

    Hello, I'm in the process of building my own hackintosh for the first time. I based the majority of my needs/build from a pre-tested hackintosh build from Lifehackers.com First listed build in the link: http://lifehacker.com/5919132/build-the-mac-pro-that-you-wish-apple-released Below is the...
  15. jhaggerty97

    Mavericks Hacintosh Not Booting

    Hello, I recently setup a mavericks hacintosh an everything was working just fine. The other day I was configuring the server server to setup the computer as a server. When I went to restart it, it got stuck at the spinning apple logo and will no longer boot. It just keeps getting stuck at the...
  16. fan4Barca10

    First hackintosh for 600- 800$$$

    this is my first hackintosh. I have used a Mac mini previously. I am new to building computers. I would be playing games and video editing. My budget is 600$ to 800$. Does anyone have suggestion on the parts is should use?