1. iNadavv

    No internet H97M-D3H 10.12.6

    Hey, my message is attached to this topic. I have a H97M-D3H motherboard with 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 i5-4460 GTX750Ti Thanks in advance, have a great day! P.S: Sorry about the image but it's 2:30AM so I have no time to rewrite it.
  2. dtmeadows

    [90% Success] El Capitan AsRock H97M-ITX w/ GTX 960 - Troubleshooting a Variety of Small Issues

    Hey guys, so I've been interested in Hackintoshes for quite a while, and a mac user from practically the womb. Anyways, after much research (and achieving a relatively stable income), I embarked upon my first hackinmac. I was actually really surprised on how little issues I've had, especially...
  3. jorsias

    Multibeast 8.0.1 broke my ACL 892 Kext ( GA-H97M-D3H)

    So, I was happy with the ACL 892 working really well on my hackintosh on El Capitan 10.11.1 . The problem started when I had to reinstall de system and after that I went to Tonymacx86 downloads session and I discovered that the new version was out (8.0.1) I did the the same process as always...
  4. Soundchaos

    Unibeast and Clover both freeze at apple logo

    I have tried countless configurations and troubleshooting guides, but I can't even get to the OS X install screen, it just freezes after it gets to the apple logo, with the progress bar about 1/5 of the way complete on both programs. I originally followed the "Always up-to-date guide" for both...
  5. jorsias

    Can't start Mavericks Instalation on H97M-D3H

    Hi everyone, I bought this PC for starting my second hackintosh. I saw a lot of "success"posts here and I got excited.... until the motherboard arrived. I tried to get to the installer for a lot of ways. I got my retail image of mavericks with a Brazilian Group (already installed in a lot of...
  6. loadedaxe

    Successful GA-H97M-D3H - GTX 750Ti

    Successful GA-H97M-D3H - GTX 750Ti Yosemite It was actually pretty painless. PC Specs: GA-H97M-D3H I5-4690 16GB Adata 1600MHz DDR3 Samsung EVO 500GB SSD Western Dig. 1TB Data Drive EVGA GTX 750Ti SC 2GB Video Card Asus MX279 - 27" LED Monitor OSX 10.10 BIOS setting that need to be...