1. wavecraftproject

    Catalina won't boot from USB on Intel Sandy Bridge, Gygabyte, RX570 system

    Hi my mobo is Gigabyte GA-Z69X-UD3H-B3 with intel sandy bridge 2600k cpu and Radeon rx570 gpu I am trying to install Catalina from USB but after a long time I am waiting, the boot stops with a black screen after clover boot menu. I have no kext in EFI/clover/kext/10.15 folder and I have not...
  2. romanmykytiuk

    Gigabyte Z390M - Empty Clover

    Hey guys. I appreciate the Internet that there is a forum like this where you can share your thoughts and get new knowledge. I bought a new motherboard - Gigabyte Z390M, CPU: i5-9600K, GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Nitro +, RAM: Ballistix 16GB - all from Buyer's Guide here. I changed the bios...

    RX 480 not recognized by MoBo anymore

    I was using it normally, shut it down and then, the next time I tried to turn the computer on, it wasn't posting video through the RX 480. I was able to get video through the iGPU but neither the MoBo or the system recognises the RX 480. I tried cleaning the contacts, nothing. The RX 480 is...
  4. aflahkp

    Dual booting Hackintosh with ubuntu causes Internet connectivity issues in Ubuntu

    Guys. I have installed macOS High Sierra in a Gigabyte GT1 based i3 Desktop. For getting ethernet working I installed lspci and Hackintosh Network Solution pkg in macOS. Now ethernet is working fine in macOS. But when is switch back to Ubuntu(Its dual boot), Ubuntu can connect to network, but...
  5. wolff

    NEED help - GA-X58A-UD7 Sierra Install Issue

    Long time reader first time poster: I am pretty much a novice at this, although I have had been running a hackintosh since 2010 (sno leo lifehacker build). I have upgraded and built new systems a variety of times but for the most part have always been able to find the answers to my questions...
  6. remaerd89

    (HELP!) Intel 4600 showing Display 7mb after El Capitan Installation.

    Hi, This is my first build, and after installation, the only way to get my computer to boot into El Capitan, is by unchecking the "Intel Inject" option in the Clover screen. Then the OS boots fine. I ran multi-beast and installed everything needed. Unfortunately, when I click on "About this...