1. ethical-legond


    Hello, I've been working with computers almost all my life and i only heard about hackintosh once or twice, I recently been visiting forums about how to get started with my collection of laptops, one in particular my dell inspiron E5200 core-I5-25020m. I cant find any forums or guides to get...
  2. Moe123

    Guid not available

  3. Barrylight

    Windows 8.1 installer wont format my partition (NTFS/MBR-GUID problems) SOLVED

    Hello I think i've tried all, read this post : But i'm still stuck: I did my USB stick for uefi systems, but can't get the windows intaller to format my disk, I'm installing it on a partition of a data Disk in my...
  4. khora02

    GUID partitioning scheme is required

    Trying to install El Capitan and I keep receiving the GUID Partition Table scheme is required. Tried to format the partition I want to install El Capitan on but I don't get a scheme option. It's a 2TB HDD that's partitioned. One partition holds Windows 10 and the other had Yosemite on there...
  5. awesomeian

    Is there any way to install OS X and Windows on the same drive?

    I've heard that it is possible to dual boot OS X and windows 10 on the same drive, but is it, and if so, how hard is it to do? I have OS X 10.11.6 installed with Clover, and I tried partitioning my drive in half using Disk Utility with both MS-DOS(FAT) and exFat, and loading into the Windows...
  6. Dazzlepoint

    [solved] can't partition disk

    I finally managed to boot the installer. but i can't erase the partition for mac osx. Windows 10 is already installed on the disk. And the drive uses the GUID Partition Table. I tried to make a HFS+ partition with Gparted but Mac Os can't install on this format. When i tried to erase the...
  7. iProCr4ftr

    Installing OS X on MBR-Partitioned Drive

    Hello, I am trying to install OS X on my PC which currently runs Windows 7, and I have created a partition alongside Windows in which to install Mavericks on. I understand that to install OS X, it requires a GUID partitioned drive, however, I have applied the MBR patch so that it can be...
  8. piter2619

    can't boot without unibeast usb stick

    Hello all, i've successfully installed Mavericks via unibeast installation, then ran multibeast and bootloader at all!!! All information concerning my sandy bridge laptop is written on my profile; here's what I've done so far: 0) gpt (guid) partitioned my hdd throught disk...
  9. minjam11

    Hard Drive GUID Problems

    Hey guys! I tried installing Mavericks on my rig, but I got stuck. When I try to install, the installer says that Mavericks can't be installed on my partition because it's not GUID. It's weird because I had Mountain Lion installed on it. It's ok, right? I can just re-partiton my hard drive...
  10. MacWINtosh

    HELP! WIN 7/ MOUNTAINLION Dual Boot problems

    HI. Today i planed to install Win7 on my hackintosh. I created a bootable USB drive with Boot-Camp on a different computer. I formated my HDD into 2 partitions. One with Mac OS X Extended (Jurnaled) and one with MSDOS FAT and the GUID sheme. After that i rebooted my computer and choosed my usb...
  11. Pierre59

    Bootloader doesn't work with my dual boot

    Hello, I make a dual boot windows 7 / OS X 10.8.4 on the same hard drive (Western Digital caviar blue 7200tr/min 1To). The two systems run perfectly and the bootloader on the USB stick work too. But impossible to use a bootloader on the hard drive. I tried many differents bootloader and...