1. xiclope

    geforce gtx 970 drivers

    Hi, where can I get drivers for my nvidia GTX970 graphics card detects,, but the description of graphics memory appears 0mb me, see picture. osx 10.11.3
  2. jamielipp

    X99 Hacktintosh build GTX970 not performing

    Hi all, I have just recently built a New hack build as follows: GA-X99-SLI Intel i75820K 3.3Ghz GTX 970 Corsair Ballistix Sport 32GB After a few days of painfully going through everything and getting the system up and running as a normal mac I have gotten most thing to work pretty well...
  3. Edian

    Random Kernel panic type 14=page fault HELP!!?

    Hi People on this forum, I installed the newest version of El Capitan(10.11.3) with Unibeast and Clover. Everything works very well. I also have installed the alternative Nvidia web drivers for my GTX970. But.. Sometimes i'm encountering a problem. Sometimes I randomly get kernel panics when...
  4. samaraliwarsi

    Need Help Finalising the parts for my first Hackintosh

    Hi guys, I'd like to start by saying that this is my third post in this forum and I have to complain that I have got no reply on them. :-( I don't mean to point that the community is not active because I see people discussing anything and everything. I'd like to know what went wrong? Did i...
  5. be_flex

    BOOT problem with GTX 970 on YOSEMITE

    Hello all, i'm new here and it's my first hackintosh :D First, Thanks you tonymac users for your good guides !( and sorry for my bad english..) I have successfully boot on Yosemite(10.10.5) using clover with the GTX 970 G1 gaming with the nv_disable=1 bootflag, so for install my GTX i follow...
  6. szokeptr

    [SUCCESS] Asus X99 Deluxe - Intel i7 5960x @ 4.2GHz - 64GB RAM - GTX 970

    szokeptr's X99 Build: Asus X99 Deluxe - Intel i7 5960x @ 4.2GHz - 64GB RAM - GTX 970 Components Asus X99 Deluxe/U3.1 Intel i7 5960X Corsair H110i GT Memory: 2 *...
  7. Edlanta

    [SOLVED] Nvidia Web Driver boot issue (only possible to boot in safe mode, with nv_disable=1)

    [EDIT] It seems like the gtx970 is only supported in Mac OS X versions above 10.10 (Yosemite). In Mavericks you can only boot in safe mode with this card. [Solution] Updated to 10.10. Applied Combo Update 10.10.5 and latest security fixes. Installed the Nvidia Web driver. Now everything runs...
  8. pogano

    GTX970 & OpenCL - problems

    Hi. I have a strange problem with applications using OpenCL. When turned off, most Adobe apps constantly crashing (Photoshop & Illustrator). In Lightroom and DxO (suite for photographers) i can see many gliteches. Any way to fix it? DSDT/AGPM? Using latest Clover and Nvidia Web Drivers...
  9. Zakary

    Hey guys! a few questions on a few questions about the components i bought for my first Hackintosh.

    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z97N-WIFI LGA1150 (purchased) GPU: GTX 970 (still can't decide which brand) CPU: i7 4790k (purchased) anyone have any success with parts like these or similar?
  10. HenshinMedia

    Should I change my SMBIOS?

    Loaded just the defaults with Multibeast when I first built a running Yosemite. Wondering if it's now worth changing that and if anyone can recommend what I should be changing that to. Clover; El Capitan; Intel 4790K; GTX970; GA-z97x-UD7 TH
  11. dbzlouis

    Is my RIG compatible ?

    Hello ! Thank you for visiting my topics ! (Sorry for my english, I'm French and I'm not as good as you are at speaking English :P ) I wanted to know if my build was compatible with OS X, and if it was possible for me to install a Hackintosh (yeay :) !) So here are my specs : CPU : i7 4790...
  12. Jon.laloux

    ASUS GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5 - constant freezig

    Hello, I have made a new built as follow: motherboard: ASUS Z97i-PLUS DDR3 SOCKET 1150 INTEL® Z97 processor: INTEL Core i7 4790 LGA1150 ram: CORSAIR CMY 16GX3M2A2400C11R ssd: INTEL 240BG 2.5 INCH 535 SERIES SSDSC2BW240H601 hdd: WESTERN DIGITAL 3000GB WD GREEN 64MB I-POWER WD30EZRX After a LOT...
  13. Borrego73

    Asus maximus vi formula + gtx970 + i7-4770

    Will Yosemite install and run this build without much troubles? Also is there a possibility to use asus gpu without problems?
  14. Aerovian

    Low Frame Rate/Choppy Graphics

    Hello everyone, I've just installed and booted up for the first time. I ran multibeast, installed a few drivers, yet I still have 3 problems, one of which I will address in this post; slow and choppy graphics. -Audio does not work -Cannot boot up without nv_disable=1 -My graphics are slow and...
  15. Yanta

    This build suitable for OSX 10.10 in multi-boot system?

    Hello. I'm new here and have just begun my foray into Hackintosh. I have read the rules @ I have tried to install Yosemite from my USB created from my MAC using a video I found on YouTube (I'm not sure if posting the link to that would violate the rules - so...
  16. stejdm

    HDMI Audio & 3.5mm Jack not working correctly GTX 970 and MSI Gaming 7 Motherboard

    Hey folks, First post here on tonymac. First off, HDMI Audio on a GTX 970, I've looked around and tried some fixes but still coming up with nothing. Secondly, the 3.5mm Jack on my motherboard is also not working as it should with my Turtle Beach PX 22s. I can hear audio via the USB port no...
  17. Zukabak

    Yosemite no longer boots after GTX970 install

    Hi Folks.. You know when you just wished you'd left things alone?.. well that..haha Ok, I had (until this morning) a fully working Customac, using an nVidia GTX760. I've just upgraded to a GTX970(Haswell chip) as apparently these are now fully supported with the new nVidia webdrivers etc. As...
  18. strv

    No native resolution on Yosemite 10.10.3 + Clover . Gigabyte GTX970 + Dell u2515h (2560x1440)

    [resolved] No native resolution on Yosemite 10.10.3 + Clover . Gigabyte GTX970 + Dell u2515h (2560x1440) ** Edit : it now works in native resolution with a mini display port to display port cable. ** Hello, Almost successful hackintosh, my only problems : - i can't have the 2560x1440...
  19. delta1inc

    Enabling CUDA on Yosemite After Effects Raytracing GTX 970

    Well as of now I have my EVGA GTX 970 working with adobe premier with open cl and my CUDA Driver Version: 7.0.36 and GPU Driver Version: 10.3.7 (346.01.02f04). However my main question is does anyone know if Raytracing is working in AE. I have tried editing the raytracing textdoc like so...
  20. pablosincarne

    Help! Nvidia Webdriver cannot be installed!

    Hi, Ive did quite the same x99 Build like this guy. my specs: Intel Core i7 6-Core 5820k Corsair H110i Cooler Seagate 1 TB Drive Define R5 1x GTX 970 Gigabyte...