gtx 970m laptop

  1. teo24

    [PROBLEM] Alienware 17 R3 Installation

    I'm trying to install MacOS, this is like the 30 time i do the process, but my computer do the exactly same thing everytime, this is my config.plist, i have an Alienware 17 R3 with GTX 970m, Intel HD Graphics 530 and i7 6700HQ PLEASE HELP ME!!!! ---PS: my alienware has only USB 3.0 Port, but...
  2. XenonXYZ

    GTX 970M Laptop

    Hey everyone! So I'm looking for a laptop to buy with good graphics that would work with a Hackintosh. I saw that the GTX 970 was up and working in Yosemite with these directions: But would this also work for...