gtx 970

  1. wowmk1

    Clover Bootloader waits for selection

    Ok this is my first build, i was fine tuning everything for 2 weeks than i got a ssd and moved everything on that (was a challenge by itself) now i think i have everything set besides one thing. When i turn on my pc and it reaches the clover bootloader screen it does not select boot device by it...
  2. hotmultimedia

    GTX970 on Mavericks

    Hello, I'm currently trying to get my new MSI GTX970 working on Mavericks. (10.9.5) My motherboard is Gigabyte Z87X-D3H, and the last GPU I had was Nvidia 460. (worked with and without the web driver) The internal GPU is disabled. Problem is that the system freezes on bootup. Last lines on the...
  3. yeahmate

    Issue booting 10.11.1 NVDIA drivers GTX 970

    I recently installed fresh 10.11.1. After installing the NVDIA drivers for my GTX 970, upon booting there is a string of errors, before the system reboots. Thing is, when I ran multibeast, I checked 'inject NVDIA' Now, when I got to boot, I can not remove 'nvda_drv=1' from the boot...
  4. conrad

    new install El capitan

    hey guys :) im about to install af fresh El capitan.. and i have a question: first my system spec: Z77X UD5H 3570K CPU 16 Gb ram 250 GB samsung SSD Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming Question: 1. is the any boot flag, who can make my system boot without removing my GTX970 and enable...
  5. tomf64

    [Success] El Capitan on ASRock H61M-VS, Sandy Bridge i5, GTX 970

    Hey! Just wanted to share what worked for my install because it took me a while to figure out and I'd love to save others some time. My specs: Motherboard: ASRock H61M-VS (ethernet: Atheros AR8151, audio: VIA VT1705) Processor: Intel i5-2300 (Sandy Bridge) Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 Everything...
  6. Shoe-Jitsu

    Getting the DRMStatus error code on my first build

    After much googling and searching, I still can't quite figure it out. System: CPU: Intel i7-4790k MOBO: Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 GRAPHICS: EVGA GTX 970 SC RAM: 16gb Balistic Sport PSU: Corsair RM650 I've used a bunch of different boot flags, and the combo that seems to get me to this step is...
  7. Glud

    Choosing the right GTX 970

    Hi guys! My older ASUS GTX 470 "Fermi" card is starting to do some random artifacts which normally ends with a epic kernel panic/crash. Happens in both Windows and OS X btw! So, I need a new graphics card for my hackintosh and from my own research, it looks like I'm should with a Nvidia GTX...
  8. shteeeeven

    Apple Cinema Display Issue

    I have my keyboard plugged into my apple cinema display and then the usb from the cinema display plugged into my gigabyte z97x-ud7 TH. Using clover, and everything on my machine works. Issue I'm having is on startup. When the USB from my ACD is plugged into the machine and I start up, nothing...
  9. shawnofw

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte GTX 970 mini-itx

    Just need to share how I got this to work as I could not find anyone with this solution anywhere and it is such a simple fix. If you are having trouble like I was getting the nvdia drivers to work after install even after using nvda_drv=1 (the problem i had was osx would begin to load...
  10. KGL

    Mouse Lag at 3440x1440

    Hi, I just completed my first hackintosh build, and its running stable atm. The only problem i seem to have is that the mouse is really lagging when i run my display at full resolution (3440x1440) . In the display preferences the refresh rate is also locked to 30Hz, but the monitor can do 60Hz...
  11. domaj

    GTX 970 driver installation fail - Yosemite 10.10.5

    Motherboard :Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H Motherboard CPU : Intel Core i7-4790K Graphics : GEFORCE GTX 970 Hi all ! I've set this Hackintosh with OS 10.10.5, everything went more or less smoothly … But when I try to install the Nvidia Webdrivers 346.02.03f01 for the GTX 970 (...
  12. evera195

    Random Pixilation on Screen

    So over the last few months, I've been having this problem where my monitors will randomly pixilated. Picture Below. Anyone have any ideas!?
  13. kanttii

    Scroll lag/jitter in web browsers

    delete this delete this thread please.
  14. Aerovian

    GTX 970 Choppy Graphics/Low Frame Rate

    [Solved] GTX 970 Choppy Graphics/Low Frame Rate Hello all, After installing Yosemite 10.10.4, I'm running into an issue with the graphics performance on my machine. Mobo: Z97M CPU: i7 4790 Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 I am running my monitor through HDMI from my graphics card, and I am...
  15. VladX99

    Video Editing - X99 - mATX - Aerocool DS Cube - Gtx 970 - compatibility

    I want to build an x99 mATX system for professional video editing, is important the extra cores and the design of the machine, for this reason is the 5820k and the Aerocool DS Cube (I like this case so much) and for graphics card, the gtx 970 is perfect, also a Corsair H100i for the cooling...
  16. painntrain

    G-sync no longer recognized after booting into OS X Yosemite

    So here's the issue i'm having - I have the Acer XB270HU 1440p G-sync 144hz IPS monitor and when I boot to OS X, the monitor is no longer running in G-Sync mode per its OSD. Then when I boot back to Windows 10, the latest Windows 10 Nvidia driver (as of August 11 2015) no longer says the...
  17. Mosam

    GTX 970 Color Profile Problem

    I face weired issue. I just successfully installed hackintosh in my build. Here is my specs Intel core i5 4670 Asus z97 sabertooth mark 2 Corsair vengence pro 32 GB ASUS Gtx 970 Graphic Card Samsung 850 evo 128 GB SSD 1 TB WD green Samsung Se24390HL MONITOR Now the problem is when...
  18. diedirk

    help for a n00b

    everytime i try to install yosemite i get this..... setup: i5-4690k asus z97 ranger asus gtx 970 black kingston hyperx 2 x 4 gb samsung 850 evo 120gb please tell me how to fix this
  19. witherman

    GTX 970 is performing poorly, what gives?

    The short version: I installed a new GTX 970 and it's performing at about the same level as the 660ti it replaced. I'm using the current NVIDIA web drivers and the card appears to be recognized by the system. The long version: I installed a new EVGA GTX 970 SC, replacing a GTX 660ti...
  20. LeJokar

    [SUCCESS] GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Dual Boot Win7 - Yosemite

    [SUCCESS] GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Triple Boot Win10 - Yosemite - Ubuntu 14.04 Alright, a small introduction to my rig: I initially wanted to create a "beast" gaming PC but as a pationate Mac user, I also did not want to miss Mac OS X. As an ongoing IT student i also need to expand my...