gtx 970

  1. MrPopman

    [Success] El Capitan 10.11 on Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 / MSI GTX 970

    This guide is based on one I previously created for Yosemite on this board and video card. This board is one that I originally installed OS 10.6.3 Snow Leopard on and has remained very stable and usable with the prior OS installs. The things that I have tested and are working are: Dual...
  2. JTX660

    Bad Performance on GTX 970

    Hi all, I successfully installed El Capitan on my PC using Clover. My system specs are: Intel Core i5-3570K ASUS STRIX GTX 970 4GB 8GB RAM 500GB HDD When running Cinebench R15 and benchmarking my CPU, I get an appropriate score but when it comes to benchmarking my GPU (GTX 970) the...
  3. beerbelly

    Gainward Phantom 970 vs Evga/Strix

    Hello fellow Hackers. I'm looking into buying a video card for my Skylake box. I've looked at both the Evga, windforce and the Strix 970 4gb, since these seem to run well with OS X. £260 - £290 where I live. Today however, I was walking through a computer shop and saw a Gainward Phantom 970...
  4. jakeglav21

    cant get second display to work

    my gtx 970 is working but ii cant get the hdmi to work on my second monitor my first monitor is runnind dvi to hdmi i have the latest web drivers a cuda drivers and all are working
  5. nicoprommer

    Gigabyte GTX970 G1 on Mavericks, stuck without web drivers

    This is my first attempt with Hackintosh so I am hoping to get some help from some of the more experienced users on here. I have installed Mavericks with Clover and it is sort of working but I am having problems with my graphics. Even after installing the NVIDIA web drivers, I can only get into...
  6. Artemis3145


    Hi, This is my first time making a hackintosh. I was able to successfully install OSX El Capitan 10.11.5, but am having some issues. First, my graphics card doesn't seem to be working. Everything displays, but it is just very glitchy (lines when logging in, etc.). Also, I don't have any audio...
  7. evohack

    Suggestion about GPU for graphic and design development

    Hi, I already built an hackintosh with Haswell CPU and Gigabyte Motherboard. I'm not a gamer and I use the hackintosh for work. I'd like to buy a NVidia GTX 970 for graphic and design development such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The "Buyer's Guide" suggests only EVGA and Gigabyte GPUs. I...
  8. HolyMacrel

    GTX 970 HDMI port seemingly not working

    So let me preface this by saying that I believed I was having the same black screen boot problems others have been, and have just been incredibly unlucky in finding a solution. That may still be the case, but I've been troubleshooting and I think I might have a different problem that just seems...
  9. ChrisCarneval

    HP Z620 with dual Xeon CPU

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a used HP Z620 because my iMac couldn't cope with all the Simulations I threw at him and I also needed a rendering beast. Here are the specs: HP Z Workstation 2x XEON E5-2670 96GB RAM Gainward Phantom GTX 970 Anyway.. I miss OS X and all it's glory so I was...
  10. fede_9118

    System definition for my build

    Hello! I'm having some issues with my build's system definition. A week ago, a upgraded my gpu to a MSI GTX 970. Since this change, I'm having trouble booting. It almost never boots at once. It reboots and then perhaps it boots. Here is my build: I am running yosemite 10.10.5, with an i7...
  11. ColeRiggle

    Web Drivers Not Working

    System Specs: i7 4770 GTX 970 Asus Strix 16Gb DDR3 RAM 1TB Hard Drive ASUS Z97-A Motherboard Problem: I was able to successfully install Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.3 on my PC. My issue occurred when I attempted to install the Nvidia Web Drivers. While I was able to install the drivers, upon...
  12. Foexs

    10.11.3 GTX970 NVIDIA Web driver does not work properly

    Hi, I am trying to set up my first costume Mac. I followed the installation guide for El Capitan (10.11.3). I used MultiBeast (8.1) for post installation and installed the latest NVIDIA Webdriver (for 10.11.3). After rebooting the display resolution switched to the correct format and all the...
  13. tifanator

    GTX 970 Issues

    My GTX 970 has been giving me issues since I first set up this Hackintosh. If I try to boot without nv_disable=1, the signal to the monitor disappears 50-60% through the boot (with either HDMI or DVI). When I do get it to boot with nv_disable=1, the system information of course says "NVIDIA Chip...
  14. dazgud

    Screen not displaying /No Signal/ on El Capitan after installation

    Hello everybody, I installed MAC OS X El Capitan 10.10.2(15C50) and it worked with no problems(except for audio and graphics) till I installed Nvidia's web drivers, So this is what happens: It boots and the system works but the monitor shows me "No Signal" with a black screen, I have tried to...
  15. lanopticx

    R9 390 or GTX 970 for my new 4k build?

    I'm building a new rig, I have all of the parts except the GPU which I am trying to decide between the ASUS R9 390 and the EVGA GTX 970. I'm really wanting to go R9 because of the larger 8GB frame buffer which seems more suitable for 4k but I've seen a lot of people having problems with those...
  16. JokerAimless

    Gtx 970 No Signal with DVI. HDMI works but wrong resolution

    Hi Community, i installed El Capitan with Clover and almost everything works fine. I use a Gigabyte Gtx 970 and connect it with Displayport ->mini Displayport. If i Boot the system, the monitor get no Signal and i have to unplug and plug the cable. Than it works. If i use HDMI it works...
  17. jaysethia

    Problem enabling graphics GTX 970 Asus X99-A

    I just installed Yosemite 10.10.1 using Hackintosh. The flags I use to boot are IGPEnabler=Yes nv_disable=1 npci=0x2000 I also installed NVidia's web driver, but my GTX 970 is still unrecognized. Nothing else has been installed. I also cannot find my motherboard name on DSDT generator.
  18. EmcDog

    GTX 970 Problems Post Install

    So I had a successful download of El Capitan but my graphics card is not at full QE/CI and I have no idea how to accelerate it. Also in the about this mac section my graphics is shown like this `Asus GeForce GTX 970 0 MB` how can I make it show all the VRAM that my gpu has? I have downloaded...
  19. dazgud

    Error installing OS X El Capitan

    I am trying to install OS X El Capitan but i keep getting errors. I am stuck at that error mainly: I also tried lots of boot flags but still got different errors, Here is my rig:- Mobo: MSI X99A Raider CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming RAM: Kingston 16GBs DDR4...
  20. tifanator

    Can't boot into El Capitan without the "nv_disable=1" flag

    Hello all, I finally got my installation of El Capitan (10.11.2) working, using Clover to install and boot. The thing is, if I remove nv_disable=1 from the boot options I can't boot at all. Everything is updated and I have WebDriver 346.03.04 installed. nvda_drv=1 is also enabled in the boot...