gtx 970

  1. rob37

    Is this Asus H97 + Xeon + 970 GTX set good to go or alternative?

    Hi everyone. I got the following set real cheap. Would this work as a hackintosh or do you think i should go with the other set (would cost me 170 € more)? OS X power management shouldnt be a problem. Motherboard: Asus H97-PLUS Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 SSD: 256 GB Crucial MX 100 HDD...
  2. patelshyam99

    HELP!!!! When Trying To Install Apple Logo gets Stuck. (Gigabyte z97x Gaming 3)

    Hi Please help. Im a first time hackintosh owner so please explain in a noob friendly Way:shifty:. So i made my unibeast usb drive plugged it into a usb port made some bios changes then it gets stuck and just hangs there i came back 1 hour later and it was still there.:cry::cry::cry: Please...
  3. AmenRa

    Need help with components choice!

    I'm planning to build a Yosemite-Hackintosh to use XCode, Logic and for everyday use. I would like to add a dual boot Windows partition ONLY for gaming. What do you think about this components? Is it feasible? Any advice? Other possible hardware? MoBo: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 CPU: Intel Core...
  4. tommyhollander

    Pro Video Editing: X99 deluxe - I7-5930k - GTX 970, 4K UHD professional editing, any chance of Hacki

    I thought to go for Shilloh's build for Eric, but it doesn't feel good to buy three year old hardware. Especially because I'd want enough 6GB sata/ USB3.0 for video editing (soon 4k) I would need to go for an expensive x79 board, while most X99 already have those things standard. I know there...