gtx 950

  1. Xequed

    High Sierra Installation Problem

    Hello dear forum members, I've been trying to install hackintosh high sierra for a while. When I installed with clover before, my only problem was that the system froze after 5 minutes. Now I'm trying to install with open core, but "this version of osx is not supported on this platform!" I am...
  2. arthur4002

    gtx 950 glitches

    i have successfully installed high Sierra 10.13 (17A405) but my graphics card is lagging so much, I have installed Nvidia web drivers 378. (and enabled in clover at system parameters) also have lilu.kext and whatevergreen.kext but still having visual glitches also my monitor...
  3. SAMEH209

    GTX 950 UI lag/slow graphics on High Sierra

    I've successfully installed High Sierra (10.13.0) on my system using Clover: 2x Intel Xeon E5410 16GB Ram GTX 950 Everything is running fine except the GPU. I've tried the web driver's latest version and 378. but both are very laggy/sluggish. I've also tried installing Lilu and...

    Laggy High Sierra with GeForce GTX-950

    Hello to every one, this is my first thread so I hope somebody could help me. I made my first hackintosh build directly into High Sierra following the many guides one could find in this wonderful community, I have all my devices recognized and working, except que the system feels laggy with slow...
  5. BipinGaspar

    [Solved] Help me out Sierra guyz

    Spec Gigabyte GA H81M-DS2 Core i5 [email protected] 12gb ddr3 ram @1600mhz nvidia gtx 950 MSi I want to install it perfectly thats why i need your help, i installed it 1st tym i boot succesfuly and when i try to install nvidia web i cant boot it restarts after apple logo(Vga monitor) can anyone...
  6. Nikkei

    Error install El Capitan 10.11.6

    Hello. I had a problem during the installation 10.11.6 on my PC (MSI X99A SLI PLUS, Intel i7-5820K, ASUS GTX 950) Errors: 1. AllocateRelocBloc(): Can not allocate relocation block (0x1A159 pages below 0x100000000): Not Found 2. Using relic block: yes, hebernate wake: no I understand that a...
  7. TeK9Samurai

    Z170X-UD5 TH & GTX 950 No signal after Apple logo (Sierra)

    I just switched out my GTX 760 to a Gigabyte GTX 950. Hoping it would be a simple swap, I was wrong. Everything was working fine with the GTX 760 and now I get No Signal from my monitor after the Apple logo. Uninstalled and reinstalled the nvidia webdrivers. Also ran the AGDPfix and the...
  8. leon1124

    System Uptime in Nanoseconds;

    Greetings.. so, I'm a bit new to hackintosh.. and recently I've installed El Capitan 10.11.1 on my PC. I've followed the instruction on this site, everything went smoothly until Multibeast (UEFI, ALC887, Rea8111, and the default kext(forgot its name)), I read about the alternate Nvidia driver...
  9. yangbao111

    Solving gtx 950 with displayport black screen problem

    I bought the gtx 950 for my LG 34um95 monitor which requires displayport to get 60 hz refresh rate. When I try to install OS X 10.11.6 on my H170N-wifi MB, the screen is BLACK!!! Because I was building a Hackintosh in a powermac G5 mod, my instinct is there something wrong with my mod. Finally I...
  10. jonathanalemu

    Several hopefully small issues.

    Hey Everyone, I just build my dream computer. Unfortunately I have a few issues. My Hardware is chosen from the buyersguide: Motherboard: GA-Z170X - Gaming 5 Core i7 6700k Geforce GTX 950 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (64GB) Corsair RM 650 Watt TP-Link PCI-Express Wifi...
  11. dnyal

    [SOLVED] No HDMI audio in Sierra with GTX 950

    Hello! I'm not new to this site but this is my first post in a long time. I just finished my Hackintosh with Sierra 10.12 + Clover following the simple guide on this website. My hardware is a 100-series Asus H170M-CSM (CSM disabled in BIOS) with an i5 6500 and a Gigabyte GTX 950. I'm currently...
  12. AppleMann

    Dell U3415W UltraWide Monitor 3440x1440 @60Hz Problems

    Hello! My current machine is a skylake i7 paired with an ASUS GTX 950 Yesterday I purchased my first 21:9 monitor for $500 off craigslist. When running Windows 10 I get 60Hz with full resolution through HDMI When running OS X 10.11 it recognizes as 30Hz full res in preferences. In about this...
  13. dnanob

    [Success] Xeon E5-2680 V4 ES Chip, GTX 950, Asrock x99 Extreme6 / Dual Boot Win10+El Cap 10.11.6

    dnanob's build: Intel Xeon E5-2680 V4 Engineering sample chip - ASrock X99 Extreme6 - 16 GB Corsair DDR4-2400 - EVGA GTX 950 SC+ - 2x Samsung 850 Evo 120 GB SSDs My hack by dnanob posted Sep 28, 2016 at 4:20 PM Components: ASrock X99 Extreme6 motherboard...
  14. hackmefrancis

    100% OOB - Graphics Card

    Hi everyone! I have noticed that every build from the "Buyer's Guide" every month that the recommended graphics card is the GTX 950. Is this a 100% OOB card, meaning just plug and forget and doesn't need any alterations like installing Nvdia alternate drivers?
  15. kevin335200

    Blackscreen with GTX950 and webdriver in 10.11.6

    My build: Motherboard: ASUS Z9pe-d8 ws CPU: e5-2670 GPU:gtx950 with hdmi output OS: 10.11.6 Before i install the webdriver everything goes smoothly,expect of my graphics driver. So i install the newest Nvidia Webdriver for 10.11.6 and select the "Nvidia webdriver" expect of "OS X basic driver"...
  16. Apomed

    solved: 3rd Monitor (HDMI) doesn’t work

    solved by Moderator Fl0r!an! :-) thx! :-) >>> Disable Inject / Nvidia, that's not necessary for your new GPU any longer. It messes up the IORegistry, disabling all but two ports on your GPU. <<< Hi! i used GTX 480 with 2 monitors. i changed to GTX 950 to use 3 monitors. my problem is: 3rd...
  17. mots

    "HackinWorth" Skylake Value Rig - El Capitan/i5-6500/GA-H170-Gaming 3/GTX 970/16GB

    [CENTER]mots's "HackinWorth" Value Rig: i5-6500 - GA-H170-Gaming 3 - 16GB - GTX 970 Heaven using default settings with GTX 950: Heaven using default settings with upgraded GTX 970:
  18. Mystroe

    asus x99-s 5820k 950gtx

    Having problems installing El Capitan 11.5, I got through to the installer and successfully installed the first part, but on reboot to finish the rest of the installer I have had no luck. This is where I get to before reboot: I have previously managed to install el capitan on this system...
  19. joshakatz

    Looking for a native GFX card

    I recently built a Customac form the Buyers guide and am having GFX card issues. I have tried both the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 02G-P4-2966-KR 2GB SSC GAMING w/ACX 2.0+, Whisper Silent Cooling Graphics Card and the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 DirectX 12 GV-N950XTREME-2GD 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express...
  20. AppleMann

    Skylake Cubed

    The build: i7-6700T (35w) GTX 950 (75w) 16Gb DDR4 1Tb HDD 512Gb M.2 SSD Noctua NH-L9I GA-H170N-WIFI Motherboard Pico PSU paired with an Xbox 201w brick I want to make the most compact, powerful, (bang for buck) classic, badass computer I can! As of now the parts are on their way, I'll start...